Do I have the right to transfer to the Legislative or Judicial Branch?
There are no formal transfer procedures but having Executive Branch experience could be very valuable in seeking such a job.

Employment decisions regarding personal staffs of members of Congress, including hiring, pay setting, promotion and removal, are at the discretion of the elected member, typically acting through a chief of staff or administrative assistant. Positions on congressional committee staffs are similarly controlled by the committee chairman, typically acting through the committee staff director, and by members of the committee.

Positions in legislative support agencies such as the Architect of the Capitol, Library of Congress and Government Accountability Office track Executive Branch employment policies more closely and most of those positions are career in nature. Hiring typically is done through personnel offices much like the ones in the Executive Branch.

Employees of a district court clerk’s office are appointed and removed by the clerk with approval of the. Support staff of district judges are appointed by the individual judge.

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