What happens to pay and benefits in a transfer?
Your pay will be based on the rate applying to that position; note that even if the grade and step is the same, if you would be moving to a different locality, the pay rate will change.

Federal Employees Health Benefits program and Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program benefits remain the same unless your carrier is regional and you are moving out of its servicing area—in that case, you may elect a new plan.

You may not enroll or elect additional Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance coverage based on a transfer. Contributions toward retirement, the Thrift Savings Plan, flexible spending accounts and deductions for Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program coverage will continue unchanged. Under FLTCIP, depending on the timing of the premiums and the payroll cycles, a payment might be missed; in this case you will be billed directly for that premium.
Accumulated annual and sick leave also transfer.

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