Would I have to keep paying insurance premiums in a furlough?
It varies by the type of insurance. Your Federal Employees Health Benefits program coverage will continue as long as your salary is sufficient to withhold premiums. Your agency also will continue paying its share. If your pay is insufficient to cover your FEHB premiums during a pay period, you may opt to pay the premiums directly to your payroll office, incur a debt, or terminate coverage. If you choose to incur a debt, you must agree to pay the resulting debt in full and make arrangements to have the debt collected from your pay once you return to a full pay status.

For Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance, there is no cost to you during consecutive-day furloughs, but employees on discontinuous furloughs are assessed premiums if the salary during the pay period is sufficient to cover deductions. If your pay is insufficient to cover your FEGLI premiums, you may opt to pay the premiums directly to your payroll office or terminate some or all coverage. If you elect to terminate coverage, your coverage will be reinstated when pay again becomes sufficient to allow premium withholdings.

If Federal Dental and Vision Insurance Program premiums cannot be withheld during a pay period due to insufficient pay, payments will accrue and, once you return to full pay status, your payroll office will collect premiums for twice the biweekly amount for as long as is needed to make up any missed premium deductions. If funds are insufficient to pay premiums for three or more consecutive pay periods, you will be billed directly.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program coverage continues so long as you continue to pay the premiums; you may wish to arrange for direct billing if you are paying premiums through payroll withholding and your pay would be insufficient.

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