What type of training will my agency pay for?
Agencies are authorized to pay, or reimburse you, for all or a part of the necessary expenses of training related to official duties. This includes tuition, books, supplies, and travel. It also means that you can share with your agency costs of training that benefit both the agency and you. For example, the agency could pay half the cost of a college course, while you pay the other half. However, the agency may not pay for training that is unrelated to your official government duties.

Your agency also may at its discretion: approve a meeting or conference as a developmental activity if the content is pertinent to your official functions and activities and it is evident that you will derive developmental benefits by attending; pay for training that prepares you for an examination, if the training is relevant to improving your performance; and pay for expenses for you to obtain professional credentials, including expenses for professional accreditation, state-imposed and professional licenses, professional certification, and examinations to obtain such credentials.

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