How does the leave transfer program work?
All agencies must operate a leave transfer program, which is designed to help employees who are experiencing a medical or family emergency and who have exhausted all of their available paid leave. An employee who receives and uses donated leave continues to be paid at his or her pay rate as if in work status.

An employee wishing to receive leave under this program must make written application to the agency describing the reasons the leave is needed and may be required to submit certification from physicians or other appropriate experts (note: donated leave may not be used to care for a newborn or newly adopted child unless the child is ill).

To make a donation, an employee submits a request to the agency that a specified number of hours of his or her accrued annual leave be transferred to a specified recipient. Annual leave may not be transferred to the donor’s immediate supervisor.

Note: In the event of a major disaster or emergency that results in severe adverse effects for a substantial number of employees, the President may direct the Office of Personnel Management to establish a government-wide emergency leave transfer program to aid affected employees.

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