What does Medicare cover?
Part A covers medically necessary inpatient hospital care such as regular nursing services, operating and recovery room costs, hospital costs for anesthesia services, intensive care and coronary care, drugs, lab tests, X-rays, medical supplies and appliances, rehabilitation services, and preparatory services related to kidney transplant surgery. It also covers and inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility, home health care, hospice care, and nursing home care as long as custodial care is not the only care you need.

Part B covers doctor’s services such as surgical services, diagnostic tests, and X-rays that are part of your treatment; medical supplies furnished in a doctor’s office; services of the office nurse; and drugs that are administered as part of your treatment and cannot be self-administered. It also covers various diagnostic tests and other services.

Part C plans cover essentially the same services as Part B, only with different funding arrangements.

Part D plans offer a standard level of prescription drug coverage, which Medicare sets, but beyond that they vary in what prescription drugs are covered, how much enrollees have to pay, and which pharmacies enrollees can use.

Detailed descriptions of coverage are at www.medicare.gov.

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