Can I change my FEHB plan when I become eligible for Medicare?
Yes, you may change FEHB enrollment to any available plan or option at any time beginning on the 30th day before becoming eligible for Medicare.

For retirees with both FEHB and Medicare, Medicare generally pays first (the primary payer) and you may find that a lower cost FEHB plan is adequate. Also, some FEHB plans waive deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments when Medicare is primary—this would make the total cost of FEHB, counting the premiums plus such charges, more affordable.

If you enroll in a Medicare managed care plan, you may not need FEHB coverage because the Medicare managed care plan pays many of the same benefits. In that case, you should suspend, not cancel, your FEHB coverage, giving yourself the option to get back into FEHB under certain circumstances.

These choices are personal and complex and should be researched thoroughly before you make a decision.

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