An employee who sustains a disabling traumatic injury is entitled to continuation of pay for up to 45 calendar days. This is considered salary for all intents and purposes, including tax deductions.

FECA compensation, if awarded, generally is calculated at two-thirds of the employee’s monthly pay rate if he or she has no dependents, or three-fourths of the pay rate if married or with one or more dependents. Deductions for insurance are then made from the compensation payments.

Separately, schedule awards are FECA payments that are provided for specified periods of time for the permanent loss, or loss of use, of certain parts and functions of the body. Partial loss or loss of use of these parts and functions is compensated on a proportional basis. Schedule award amounts vary from 15 weeks to 312 weeks of compensation for total loss or loss of use of designated body parts. There is an additional award for serious disfigurement of the head, face or neck.

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