Can I change my FSA during a year?
Not unless you experience a qualifying life event. These are:

• a change in legal marital status, for example due to marriage, divorce, death of a spouse, legal separation, or annulment;
• a change in number of eligible dependents, for example due to birth or adoption of a child, death of a dependent, or a dependent child turning age 13;
• a change in employment status (for you, your spouse or dependent) that affects your eligibility for benefits;
• entering leave without pay status to perform military service;
• a change in cost or coverage, such as a significant increase charged by your current day care provider, or a change in your provider (applies to dependent care accounts only); and
• a change in the number of tax dependents you have (for example, a parent now living with you).
A period of leave without pay (including a furlough) is not considered a qualified status change unless it is due to military deployment.

An enrollment or change of elections due to a qualifying life event must be consistent with the event—for example, increasing a dependent care account on the birth of a child.

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