What does Basic FEGLI cover and what does it cost?

The Basic insurance amount equals your annual pay rounded to the next higher thousand plus $2,000. You pay 15¢ biweekly or 32.5¢ monthly per $1,000 of Basic coverage; that is two-thirds the total cost—the government pays the remainder.

Basic has an accidental death and dismemberment feature that pays the full amount of your coverage for death or the loss of two or more bodily members (defined as a hand, a foot or the loss of sight in one eye) and half of the coverage for the loss of one member.

Also, Basic insurance coverage is multiplied by two if you are under age 35, at no cost to you. Beginning at age 36, the multiplication factor for the amount of Basic insurance declines by 0.1 each year, until there is no additional coverage at age 45 and over.

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