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'I am thankful for this federal job'

1/14/2017 “Thank you for your great writing and support for my federal resume building. I am starting my new job with a different agency on Monday and I am very excited. I feel this is the caliber of job that I deserve and need to be in. You and your staff helped me get there. I was selected for Construction Analyst for HUD. I did not expect to get the 13 and was very pleased after the result.

Being stuck in Afghanistan on deployment and having the time zone difference create more complications in communication, You and your staff did a phenomenal job in helping me pursue the job I deserve. Sure it’s my opinion, but when I know in my heart and soul I know what I know and just being able to tell some stranger that is very difficult in any way shape or form. You allowed me on paper to explain myself the way it needed to be. I think this job is my destiny and I think my new supervisors feel the same way as they read my resume. I walked out of Afghanistan with a cache of awards and medals that only I and the people I worked with know about. My existing command will never know this information but it will need to be explained to any new jobs I seek and I will use you again to help assist me in explaining this. I don’t think I’ll need you again as I think I’ve found the job for me but if I do your the first person I call.

If you read my original resume that I wrote, I had my Marine career in there. It’s extremely difficult to explain or convert combat and weapons experience into real life. The Marine Corps made me who I am today. You’ll never explain that in words.

My construction experience was hard for me to explain as well. I have done a lot. Veterans like myself thought I could walk right in to a GOV job. And with my experience it took a year to get in the door. Of course I see a lot of the buddy system in the GOV but it’s a small percentage of the jobs available. The right resume might of rectified my situation.

Thank you Ladies
Semper FI
PS Use any or all of our communications for the validity of your service!!!”

Kathryn, I just did my last day yesterday at the base and it was sad……for about 1 minute. I’m throwing everything I have at this job because I think I found the right fit.

Backstory for this success story:

MAY 14, 2017 – PAID FOR PROFESSIONAL, TARGETED FEDERAL RESUME WRITING SERVICE – $700 INVESTMENT – Debbie Hahn wrote John’s Federal first federal resume targeted toward Construction Analyst, SBA, GS 11/12; then she tweaked the resume toward a similar position with HUD.

Excerpt of the before & after resume that got John Hired ! The HR Specialists like to see specifics, numbers, and details of experience and projects. This is why he was hired so fast.


Temporary Assigned Duty (TDY): Deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan as Base Carpenter—October 2016 – October 2017

CARPENTRY PROJECT MANAGER for 65 shop Afghanistan market-place/Bazaar redevelopment. Provide supervisory guidance for construction workers and updates to command section. Initiated design/development for Bazaar building trusses 33,000 square feet roof requirements—designed/built jig for quick assembly for 225 trusses saving over $121K. Managed new Army training center interior furniture requirements; designed and built wooden desks for over 100 students—completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule and saved approximately $17K.


Maintenance Mechanic Work Leader (This is a federal job)
Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

  • Daily disbursement of work from supervisors and our daily IWIMS reports to other workers. Assign tasks, instruction, materials, and tools to work group leaders. Working along with other workers and setting the pace.
  • Demonstrating proper work methods;
  • Seeing to it that needed diagrams, plans, materials, and tools are available, and that needed materials is obtained from local and in town supply locations;
  • Continually researching and ordering tools and materials that are of the present day industry standard that provides shop personnel the means to efficiently complete their tasks;
  • Maintaining a current knowledge, and answering questions of other workers on procedures, policies, written instructions, and other directives (for example, technical orders);


May 20, 2017 – SUBMITS 1ST APPLICATION – John applies for Construction Inspector / Analyst, SBA, GS 11/12

June 13, 2017 – FOUND INELIGIBLE – John finds out he was rated as INELIGIBLE for this position. John writes to the SBA HR specialist, “Sir, Can you provide me some insight as to why I do not meet the qualifications for the construction analyst position? Thank you.”

July 5, 2017 – REVERSED – QUALIFIED AND ON THE CERTIFICATE – John successfully gets SBA to reverse a decision about a prior announcement where is was found INELIGIBLE !! HR from SBA writes back, “Yes, sir. Your rating has been changed to qualified and you will be added to the appropriate certificate. Thanks for your patience!” This is amazing news!!


Nov. 24, 2017 – STARTS NEW FEDERAL JOB in Las Vegas, NV

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 at 8:58 AM

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