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  • How stressful is your career?

    You don’t have to be a law enforcement officer, work in a hazardous environment or have a job that has heavy physical and high-risk demands to be in a stressful career, many occupations you might not think of can be just as stressful.

  • New bill supports medical marijuana research for vets

    House lawmakers this week advanced a bill that would push the Department of Veterans Affairs to do more research into the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana.

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  • Top ten ECQ mistakes

    Resume Place writer Nicole Schultheis discusses the top 10 mistakes that she encounters when working with candidates’ ECQ drafts—and how to avoid them.

  • Want an IT job with IRS? They are hiring

    I got an email from Paula Galloway, who is the Schedule A Program Manager at IRS – and who recently won the 2018 Employee of the Year Award from Employment Opportunity Publications. She cares about her Schedule A federal jobseekers.

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