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  • Is it ever OK to cry at work?

    In a survey of workers across the country, an author found that there are benefits to crying in the office, but the emotion has a different effect on men than women. May 03, 2017 More Posts

  • Mediterranean diet more than just weight loss

    It has been touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world; the traditional cuisine rich in fresh produce, healthy fats, whole grains and limited dairy, the Mediterranean diet is way more than just a plan to shed a few pounds. Dec 12, 2016 More Posts

  • Working wife and higher divorce theory debunked

    A new study debunks the belief that a marriage that involves a working, independent wife is more likely to end in divorce. Aug 10, 2016 More Posts

  • Celebrating National Nutrition Month

    Have you noticed anything different about the menu options in your cafeteria at work recently? Or maybe you participated in a healthy eating webinar or received an email notification about nutrition from HR? Mar 29, 2016 More Posts

  • New study: Have a seat, it won’t kill you

    The standing workstation has become a more common sight in offices across the country—some are shelling out thousands of dollars for custom-made stations and others are spending hours configuring their own with low-cost Ikea parts and furniture. But a new British study says that sitting is no more harmful than standing. Oct 14, 2015 More Posts

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