Open Season: Check out the FEHB Plan Comparison Tool …

Over the next several weeks, Open Season 2023 offers many ways for you to save money. And the comparison tool is one of them. Try it...

An Open Season checklist for federal employees

With 2023 about to bring the largest premium increase in the last decade, federal employees should consider whether their existing health insurance plan is still the best fit.

The future of federal pay and benefits

Financial experts Dallen Haws and Abraham Grungold, as part of the State of the Federal Workforce event, joined our partner site podcast to discuss how feds can get the most out of their benefits.

DOD health plan cuts pharmacy network by nearly 15,000 outlets

Many were small, independent operations that already had decided not to participate next year due to lowered reimbursements. But many were surprised by their dismissal—and patients with specialized drug needs could face difficulties in the transition.

Student Loan Forgiveness and customer service

Georgetown University’s Pamela Herd and Donald Moynihan join our partner site podcast to discuss the lack of administrative burdens in the new Education Department application.

Education Dept. issues more rules to simplify Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Rules set to take effect next July expand which past loan repayments will apply for the program as well as simplify the employment certification process for some applicants.

Employers: Growing concern about covering workers’ mental health needs

Nearly half of large employers say growing numbers of workers were using mental health services, in a KFF annual employer survey. Problem: About one-third also report their health plan’s network didn’t have enough behavioral health care providers get employees the timely care they need.

OPM Director highlights the importance of mental health

The news comes as a part of a roundup of recent pay and benefits developments.

OPM: New way agencies can help feds with Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Federal agencies can now certify a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program applicant’s past service elsewhere in the government.

A closer look at 2023 Federal Employee Health Benefits premiums

Wondering how the increase might impact your FEHB plan choice? We’ll walk you through it.

OPM Director: Be careful not to leave savings on the table during Open Season ...

The advice from the head of the Office of Personnel Management comes as part of a roundup of pay and benefits news.

U.S. military will pay for troops to travel for abortions

Post-Roe abortion restrictions already are hurting recruiting and retention, defense officials say.

Inflation, Social Security and the COLA

The Alliance for Retired Americans' Richard Fiesta joins the podcast to discuss inflation and the recent cost of living adjustment for retirees.

OPM: More paid leave authorized for feds to get COVID-19 boosters

As part of the Biden administration’s efforts to encourage Americans to receive the latest COVID-19 booster, federal workers will get up to four hours of paid leave for the shot.

Lawmakers call for permanent leadership at Social Security

Nearly two years into his tenure, President Biden has yet to name his choice to lead SSA, despite low morale, mounting attrition and lack of progress in labor-management relations.

The CDC scientist who couldn’t get monkeypox treatment

As a Black man and a senior CDC scientist, William L. Jeffries IV knows a lot about health inequities and infectious diseases in America. Still, it took visits to 3 doctors — and a desperate call to a colleague — for him to get treatment for monkeypox.