HHS is establishing a new office targeting long COVID

The effort to manage this particular scourge comes as part of our partner site's weekly list of news updates on COVID that you may have missed.

After a long delay, Congress approves a bill to provide care to more vets

The measure to spend nearly $6 billion on new workforce incentives, while authorizing 31 new facilities, now heads to President Biden for his signature.

‘These people don’t care’: U.S. Senate GOP stalls veterans' burn pit bill

Bipartisan legislation would expand health care and benefits to 3.5 million veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during deployments.

Rep. Cori Bush wants to establish a federal office to fund reproductive care

A proposed bill would set up a place in the Department of Health and Human Services to support efforts like family planning, doula care and mobile clinics.

Security clearance experts encourage national security workers to seek mental health treatment

The government and private sector are pushing to improve the narrative around mental health care.

Disability compensation may improve veterans’ health

Eligibility for disability compensation is associated with substantial reductions in hospitalizations among Vietnam-era military veterans

It could get easier to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Biden administration earlier this month announced a wholesale reform of a web of federal loan forgiveness, including a number of measures to make it easier for federal workers to make use of the historically headache-inducing programs.

COVID leave for feds to manage kids’ vaccinations

The news comes as part of our weekly roundup on pay and benefits ...

Abortions, to a limited degree, will continue on DOD bases

“There will be no interruption to this care,” the Pentagon said in a memo.

OPM: If you need to travel for medical care, you can use sick leave

The federal government’s HR agency confirmed that federal employees may use sick leave to travel to obtain reproductive health services. However, the measure falls short of employee groups’ request for paid administrative leave after abortion ruling.

Senators spike a plan to close VA facilities, displace workers

The bipartisan group won't allow votes on nominees to serve on a controversial commission.

Agencies are responding to the Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling. Here's how.

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees’ access to in-state reproductive health services disappeared Friday after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade.

Supreme Court: VA need not reconsider benefits decisions, even after misinterpreting law

Opponents call it "inexcusable" to deny a veteran a new hearing after VA admitted it made a mistake.

Firefighters union calls for higher pay amid staffing shortage

The labor organization sees opportunity for maximizing better compensation in the recent infrastructure law. A Senate committee also advanced legislation to ease qualifying for workers comp, for conditions associated with firefighting.

Employee group calls for federal abortion leave, post-Roe ...

The Department of Justice Gender Equity Network asked the administration to authorize paid leave in cases where federal employees need to travel across state lines to receive abortion services.

House approves federal firefighter workers comp reform

This news and more, all part of a roundup of pay and benefits news.

Despite recent losses, USPS and unions see improvement ahead

The Postal Service recently reported a rise in overall revenue but some all-too-familiar net losses. However, in the wake of the recently passed Postal Service Reform Act, both management and unions expect better balance sheets in the future.