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News on Legislation and Policy

Lawmakers introduce legislation to protect transgender servicemembers

House lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prohibit the Defense Department from involuntarily separating or denying reenlistment opportunities to transgender servicemembers.

House passes resolution calling for $32 billion cut to fed benefits

On Oct. 5, the House of Representatives passed a budget resolution that effectively orders $32 billion in cuts to federal retirement benefits.

Dems stop short of threatening a shutdown over ACA cuts

Some Democrats have put the threat of a government shutdown back on the table over issues with President Trump’s recent action with the Affordable Care Act funding.

D.C.-area commission reviews federal parking policies

After more than a decade, the National Capital Planning Commission is reviewing its federal parking policies, which will likely have an impact on federal workers in the Washington, D.C., region.

Committee OKs hiring boost at CBP

A House committee has passed legislation that aims to strengthen border security by, in part, boosting and streamlining hiring at Customs and Border Protection.

House passes budget that targets feds’ retirement, health benefits

The House on Thursday passed a fiscal year 2018 budget resolution that will make cuts to federal employees’ and retirees’ retirement and health benefits.

OSC: A retweet equals an endorsement

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been reprimanded by the U.S. Official of Special Counsel for retweeting a political endorsement.

Federal watchdog group launches new oversight website

The federal government has launched a new website that will house thousands of reports and recommendations made by inspectors general from across the federal government.

Trump disbands federal labor-management council

President Trump said he wants to spend tax dollars more responsibly and efficiently, so he has disbanded a federal labor-management council that he says was a waste of time and money.

State Department reorg largely employee led

A top official at the State Department testified at a House committee meeting this week, giving details and goals of the reorganization plans for the agency and its workforce.

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