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Jobs and Career News

Proposed cuts at EPA will cripple its functions, group says

A nonpartisan coalition of former state and federal officials, scientists, lawyers and engineers is warning that proposed cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency would have a significantly negative impact on the agency’s functions.

Shulkin aims to remove feds who defy his authority

Leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs is meeting with each staff member suspected of defying the agency’s director, as part of an effort to address internal rebellion.

Questionable judgement, not background check failings, at issue in WH flap

This week, Nathan Abse interviews Professor Lawrence Friedman, who teaches law at New England Law School and is an expert on national security law and information privacy law about the controversy that erupted over members of the White House staff with allegations that they had engaged in spousal abuse and could not pass the norms usually insisted on to remain in top executive branch jobs.

Proposed budget creates ‘unsafe’ worker to prisoner ratio, group says

As part of President Trump’s 2019 budget proposal, the Bureau of Prisons is slated to cut about of 6,000 unfilled positions.

Majority of feds break mobile device security rules

Mobile devices have long since been indispensable gear at work as much as in personal life—and that dual nature has often caused confusion that leads to trouble.

WH budget plan: Fed unions slam cuts

The White House issued its FY 2019 federal budget proposal—dubbed “An American Budget” — this week, outlining the spending and cutting priorities of the current administration.

Family leave: Union reminds feds of their rights

A major federal employees union is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the passage of a law that helps working Americans to this day.

WH plan to ease fed employee dismissal threatens civil service

The White House proposal, stated in the president’s State of the Union address, to make it easier for federal managers and political bosses to fire employees threatens the fairness—and effectiveness—of the federal workplace.

NTEU: WH call to ease firing 'a step backward'

Federal employee unions have begun to respond to the State of the Union address—which spotlighted legislative and policy proposals that—if enacted—would shake the foundations of the federal civil service.

Group of State Dept. employees allege political retaliation

Some State Department employees have retained lawyers alleging that their complaints of 'political retribution' because of work they completed under the previous administration has fallen on deaf ears.

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