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OSHA investigating mail carrier's death

Federal investigators are now looking into workplace safety concerns at the Postal Service after a California mail carrier was found dead in her mail truck on a day when temperatures reached more than 100 degrees.

A ‘glass ceiling’ exists for women at DOJ

An analysis by the DOJ's Office of Inspector General has found that women are significantly underrepresented at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms; the Drug Enforcement Administration; and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Poll: 13 percent of feds report being threatened, harassed

A recent poll found that 13 percent of federal employees have received threats or harassment as part of their work at a federal agency within the last six months.

Janus decision: No "death knell" for labor

The union loss in the Janus Supreme Court decision may not be a death knell for the union movement, according to one commentator.

US Supreme Court shutterstock photo ID: 376063027 By Tinnaporn Sathapornnanont

Unions denounce Janus, vow to fight on

The Supreme Court's Janus decision has drawn condemnation from labor unions but their leadership vows to fight on.

Cyber Attack

2015 OPM data hack resurfaces in financial crime

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are expressing concern about reports that OPM data hacked by China a few years ago have resurfaced as part of a white-collar crime.

Watchdog: Feds on border can refuse illegal orders

The director of the leading government watchdog group is exhorting federal employees in the southwest to refuse orders that violate American law.

Union leader issues call for action for postal workers

The largest of the employee unions representing U.S. Postal Service employees—the American Postal Workers Union—has drawn a line in the sand it hopes to defend throughout coming negotiations on worker contracts.

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IRS workers' compensation program vulnerable to fraud

Over a four-year period, the Internal Revenue Service paid an average of about $40 million per year for workers' compensation claims, and it needs to do a better job at ensuring that fraudulent cases aren’t making it through the system, a new report finds.

BOP in need of additional staff to meet ICE detainee demands

The massive influx of new Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees is making matters worse for an already understaffed workforce at the federal Bureau of Prisons.

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