What you eat linked to TV viewing habits

People who watch less TV have better eating habits; at least that’s what researchers from University of Oklahoma found in a study.

lab worker wth marijuana

New bill supports medical marijuana research for vets

House lawmakers this week advanced a bill that would push the Department of Veterans Affairs to do more research into the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana.

Thinking about calling in sick?

Nobody wants to be a repeat offender for calling in sick, but you also to be safe and consider your job security, so when should you really call in?

FMLA’s 25th anniversary prompts new leave legislation

Twenty-five years ago this month, then President Bill Clinton signed into law a bill that requires certain employers to provide unpaid medical leave to employees, and on its anniversary, new legislation has been introduced that would create a program to make that leave paid.

Study: Workplace wellness programs not working out

Costly workplace wellness programs are not having the effect on employees’ well-being that employers had hoped for, new research finds.

It’s flu season; drink more wine

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are giving people a new reason to have a glass of merlot—it can prevent severe flu.

Childhood cancer survivors face ‘job lock’ to keep insurance

Many working adults worry about work-related health insurance, but they don’t let those fears stop them from changing jobs or careers, but that’s not the case for childhood cancer survivors who are less likely to change jobs for fear of losing their work-related health insurance.

WHO highlights workplace mental health

Managers who lead initiatives to help employees who experience depression and anxiety can mitigate the effects of mental health disorders.

Is your work schedule making you fat?

Working the night shift typically comes with extra pay as a perk. But shift workers also get something unintended and unwanted—an increased risk of obesity.

Staying healthy at work during flu season

It’s that time of year when chicken soup, over-the-counter medicines and doctor visits become a lot more frequent. The 2017-2018 flu season is here too, and guarding against it in most work settings will require extra care.

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