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IG: OPM needs contingency plan for FLTCIP

After steep increases to Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program premiums that alarmed federal lawmakers several years ago, the Office of Personnel Management still does not have a plan in place to make sure such increases don't happen again.

About 25k feds face new tax liability

Thousands of federal employees whose work requires relocation will miss out on a tax deduction that helped them with the costs of their move.

Audit: TSP not meeting certain security standards

An audit has found that the Thrift Savings Plan is failing at complying with federal information security standards.

Federal Benefits Q&A

Question: "What is the impact of retiring at my minimum retirement age of 56 with 29 years of service, which is about one year away? Would I still receive the FERS supplement and keep my FEHB?"

OPM makes annuity policy change without public notice

The Office of Personnel Management in 2016 changed a policy on divorced former federal employees’ annuity supplements without making a public notice, a recent Inspector General report finds.

Study: Workplace wellness programs not working out

Costly workplace wellness programs are not having the effect on employees’ well-being that employers had hoped for, new research finds.

Family leave: Union reminds feds of their rights

A major federal employees union is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the passage of a law that helps working Americans to this day.

Informed Investor: Limited Expense HCFSA Available to Employees with Excess Dental and Vision Expenses

In the third of four columns discussing choices related to the 2017 benefits “open season”, this week’s column discusses the limited expense health care flexible spending account or LEX HCFSA, including what type of expenses a LEX HCFSA pays for, which employees should consider enrolling in a LEX HCFSA, and how employees enroll in a LEX HCFSA.

During Benefits “Open Season” All Employees Should Consider Contributing to a Health Care FSA

Today is the start of the benefits “open season” in which employees have to decide about their health, dental, and vision insurance for 2018 and whether to enroll in the flexible spending accounts. In the first of four columns discussing issues related to the benefits “open season”, this week’s column discusses health care flexible spending accounts (HCFSA) and how they work.

TSP bill heads to White House

The TSP Modernization Act has passed the House and Senate and is now headed to the president for approval.

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