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House bill aims to help feds curb student load debt

A recently introduced House bill will give public servants more options for student loan forgiveness, including discounts.

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VA opposes EHR oversight board plan

The Department of Veterans Affairs is opposing a Senate plan to establish an advisory board to conduct oversight of the agency's $16 billion, 10-year plan to implement a commercial electronic health record system.

Bill aims to ease credit concerns during shutdown

Just months after the end of the longest partial government shutdown in history, one lawmaker wants to ensure that certain finances of federal employees — and consumers alike — are protected.

Paid family leave: Bill fuels fed employee hopes—and experts see wide-ranging benefits

This week, Nathan Abse interviews Jeffrey Wenger, a labor economist and senior policy researcher with RAND—and an expert on non-wage benefits—on this important potential perk for feds.

Paid family leave: Expert discusses the potential perk for feds

Jeffrey Wenger, a labor economist and senior policy researcher with RAND—and an expert on non-wage benefits—discusses the potential perk of paid family leave feds.

Employees Have Until Tax Filing Deadline to “Recharacterize” 2018 IRA Contributions

This week’s column discusses the “recharacterization” of IRA contributions. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017, the new tax that became effective Jan. 1, 2018, those individuals who made the wrong type of IRA contributions may still undo their contributions through recharacterization. The column explains the recharacterization process, including IRS required forms and deadlines.

Hearing examines women’s access to VA health services

Funding for Veterans Affairs health care services for women has increased about 16 percent over the last five years, yet it accounts for less than 1 percent of overall veterans’ health pending.

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Pay Agent has ‘major’ issues with pay gap methodology

The President’s Pay Agent in its annual report on federal employee salaries and compensation, said it has “major methodological concerns” with how the Federal Salary Council calculates the pay disparity between federal employees and the private sector workers.

Union urges reversal of decision to end Army childcare subsidy

In a letter sent to leaders of the House Armed Services Committee, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineer calls the Army’s decision to discontinue a subsidy used to help civilian workers pay for child care, “misguided” and “puzzling.”

NTEU urges Congress to provide paid parental leave for feds

National Treasury Employees Union President Tony Reardon testified this week at a subcommittee hearing examining paid parental leave, where he expressed to lawmakers the importance of providing the benefit to federal employees.

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