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Understanding the biggest benefit of the TSP Modernization Act

Tired of limited withdrawal options? Want more investment choices for your retirement funds? Great news! Your wishes have been granted and go into effect on September 15th. Are you ready?

Show some love! Annual federal employee charity campaign kicks off

The top federal employee and retiree charity fund drive—the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area—kicked off this week, with an event in downtown D.C. Leaders of the event urged feds to continue to participate and give generously to charity.

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Whistleblower's complaint disqualified by DNI

A federal employee in mid-August filed a whistleblower complaint to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Committee, alleging that—according to a number of media reports—the President made a promise to an as-yet unidentified foreign leader that could jeopardize the security of the United States.

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OPM follows through on plans to make it easier to discipline feds

The Office of Personnel Management is following through on Trump administration plans to make it easier to fire and penalize federal employees.

Air Force Chief: Commanders could lose their jobs if they’re not in shape

The Air Force has the second-highest percentage of obese troops in the military, and the branch is aiming to rein in on the problem by requiring commanders to be in shape.

Dems question BLM's plan to move jobs

The acting head of the Bureau of Land Management faced questions from House Democrats about a plan to move more than 300 jobs out of the Washington, D.C. headquarters and establish a new western headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Federal Benefits Q&A

Question: I'm in my 60s, have been a federal employee for more than a decade, and plan to retire as soon as I am eligible to keep my FEHB in retirement. My eOPF shows that the creation date for my FEHB enrollment was Dec. 14, 2016 (following open enrollment season) and the effective date was Jan. 8, 2017. I'm confused about which of these dates marks the beginning of the required five-year FEHB period. What would be my earliest date of retirement with federal health benefits?

Informed Investor: Nursing Home Prices Expected to Continue to Skyrocket

This week’s column discusses the soaring costs of nursing home stays in the US. Some reasons behind the general increase in long term care (LTC) costs are examined and why LTC expenses are expected to increase at a pace exceeding the general inflation rate. A discussion is presented as to why qualifying for Medicaid is not a solution for paying LTC expenses.

The good ole' boys

Is there an old boy or old girl network where you work? Are only certain pre-selected people destined to get ahead in your shop regardless of talent? Or lack of thereof? Ask yourself a couple of questions,

Lawmakers urge Congress to protect feds' collective bargaining rights

A letter signed by more than 200 lawmakers and initiated by federal employee unions is urging Congressional leadership to take immediate action to prevent the Trump administration from “undermining” the collective bargaining rights of federal employees.

NOAA management move raises protests from fed unions scientific orgs

In the middle of Hurricane Dorian’s dangerous and damaging track from the heavily-damaged Bahamas up the Southeastern U.S. coastline, the White House let fly a now famous, magic-marker scrawled image on top of an official agency prediction map—and a story—that the National Weather Service had predicted deep into the storm’s course possibly damaging outcomes in the state of Alabama.

Former FEMA employees indicted for conspiracy

Two top FEMA officials and a contractor have been charged with using the 2017 hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico to enrich themselves through bribery, gifts and favors by steering work to the contractor on the island.

OPM processed more retirement claims by end of the summer

The Office of Personnel Management processed more retirement claims in August than July, and also lowered its backlog inventory.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of Sept. 11, 2019.

USDA delays relocation date for some employees

The Department of Agriculture is asking a number of employees who agreed to be relocated to the Midwest, if they would remain in their positions in Washington, D.C., for a bit longer.

GSA issues first orders for new payroll system

GSA issued about $10 million in task orders for shared payroll services under its NewPay initiative.

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Cabaniss confirmed to lead OPM

The former head of the Federal Labor Relations Authority was approved to take over the top human resources job in government, ending almost a year of acting leadership.

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Trump announces 2020 raise in fed, locality pay

President Trump has announced that he will reverse the planned pay freeze for federal employees, and instead will implement a 2.6 percent governmentwide pay increase.

Former FEMA employees indicted for conspiracy to commit bribery, other charges

Two top FEMA officials and a contractor have been charged with using the 2017 hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico to enrich themselves through bribery, gifts and favors by steering work to the contractor on the island.

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