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Annuitants again targeted in phone scam

The Office of Personnel and Management is warning federal annuitants that they are being targeted yet again in a phone scam.

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices as of June 14, 2017.

‘Covfefe’ tweet prompts legislation

An Illinois lawmaker has creatively found an acronym and legislation in President Trump’s “covfefe” Twitter post.

The 'Follow the Rules Act': Whistleblower protections extended to more circumstances

This week, Nathan Abse speaks with Liz Hempowicz—the watchdog group Project on Government Oversight’s policy counsel, and an expert on federal whistleblower protections—about the FTRA and the state of play in federal whistleblower protections.

New FBI leader announced

President Trump has announced his intent to nominate a lawyer with decades of experience as a federal prosecutor and a high-level official in the Department of Justice to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

OPM Updates Guidance on VERA/VSIP - Part II

In the second of two columns discussing OPM’s updated rules on VERAs and VSIPs, this week’s column discusses the rules for VSIPs. Included in the discussion are which employees are and are not eligible for a VSIP, how the VSIP is computed, the tax issues associated with a VSIP, and under what circumstances a VSIP has to be repaid.

New resources available for TSP Blended Retirement System

The Thrift Savings Plan on June 2 released two new resources aimed at helping service members better understand the new retirement system ahead of its launch next year.

Got lemons?

If somebody hands you lemons, don’t complain that they are bitter. Make lemonade. Did one of your parents, or a wise old uncle or aunt ever lay that one on you? If so, what were they talking about? What’s the great life lesson, if any? In this case for lemon insert the name Donald Trump.

Leaders discuss history of sexual harassment at NPS

The National Park Service has been aware of bullying and sexual harassment among its top employees for decades, according to a Montana senator, and now is time to demand “rigorous accountability.”

How to trump early federal retirement part III: 'alternative fines'

So far in this series we have reviewed the budget and workforce proposals from the new administration, we outlined the basic eligibility requirements for retirement, and explored the additional options available to FERS employees with five or more years of service.

Federal Benefits Q&A

Question: If I change jobs within the government, will my Travel Comp and Comp Time transfer over to the new position?

Lawmakers reintroduce bill that would give tax break to feds in combat zones

A bill that would grant federal employees working in combat zones the same tax credit military personnel currently receive has been reintroduced by the original sponsors.

Army readies for new transgender policies

The Army National Guard is currently undergoing training sessions in preparation of a new recruitment policy going into effect next month that opens the doors to transgender recruits.

Democrats join together to oppose proposed cuts to fed benefits

A group of about 100 Democrats wrote a joint letter to voice their opposition to proposed legislation they consider an “assault” on the salaries and pensions of middle class federal employees and retirees.

OMB aims to reduce burdensome memo requirements

The Office of Management and Budget on June 15 released a memo aimed at ensuring that agencies can operate more effectively and efficiently by eliminating burdensome and redundant memorandum requirements.

VA accountability bill heads to Trump to be signed into law

The House on June 13 passed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act with a 368-55 vote, and it now heads to President Trump who is expected to sign the legislation into law.

How to trump early federal retirement Part IV: “Making retirement great again”

So far in this series we have learned about the proposed workforce reductions, the eligibility requirements for different retirement options, and the additional issues associated with early retirement. Now let’s tie it all back together to discuss some tips that will help you get your retirement back on track.

CBO reports feds are overcompensated—experts beg to differ

The Congressional Budget Office has issued a report finding that pay and benefits for federal employees are not in synch with compensation for their private-sector counterparts.

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