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Legislation aims to fix broken dispute resolution process

New legislation would change the way harassment claims are handled in Congress.

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OPM survey finds that some federal managers lack training

A new survey has found that experienced federal supervisors do not receive the same amount of management training as new supervisors.

VA health care: Choice program out, MISSION Act in

The Senate on Wednesday passed a long-awaited $55 billion bill that includes an extension of the Veterans Choice Program, but eventually replaces it.

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DOD to restrict personal devices in classified workspace

The Defense Department on Tuesday announced that it will be strictly enforcing its restrictions on personal cellphone use and other mobile devices in secured areas.

House advances BOP gun locker bill

A bill named after a slain Bureau of Prisons employee has passed the House of Representatives and aims to protect BOP employees on their commutes to and from work.

Report finds more feds watching porn while on the job

A follow-up investigation finds that more federal employees are watching pornography at work.

Feds affected by OPM breach could get a lifetime of protection

A new bill aims to protect feds affected by the 2015 Office of Personnel Management data breach, giving them a lifetime of identity theft protection coverage.

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It pays to be a fed on the East Coast

The Office of Personnel Management has released the salary data of federal employees, commonly requested information that is broken down by geographic location, occupation and race.

OPM outlines curbs on fed retirement—and labor expert pushes back

This week, Nathan Abse discussed Pon’s proposals with a leading labor expert, William J. Puette. Puette, Director for the Center for Labor Education and Research at the University of Hawaii-West, offered his criticism of the plans—and a spirited defense of unions and labor as, historically, forces for better pay, benefits and a higher standard of living in Hawaii and the United States.

State Dept. hiring freeze ends—feds, experts express some relief

The hiring freeze in effect at the Department of State since early last year has been officially lifted, bringing a tenuous sense of hope to some employees—and experts—for the future of the agency.

Setting the record straight

I know something about being a civil servant—probably more than most civilians—but I’ve never really worked in a government office. Unless you count the Army where being able to type frequently saved my bacon. But even as long as I’ve covered government and government workers, I really don’t know for sure what makes you tick.

Report: DHS needs to hire more port officers to fight opioid crisis

The Department of Homeland Security needs to hire thousands more to help address the flow of opioids entering into the country.

TSP and roth IRA planning strategies following the 2017 Tax Act - Part II

The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has resulted in lower individual tax rates starting in 2018 and continuing through 2025. In the second of two columns discussing how the lower rates affect employees’ saving for retirement, this week’s column discusses why many employees should consider converting their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs starting this year.

GSA addresses moving expenses tax code issue

The U.S. Tax Code President Trump signed into law earlier this year excludes reimbursements or in-kind contributions made by employers to defray the cost of moving, and after some pushback from lawmakers, the General Services Administration has come up with a solution.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of May 16, 2018.

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GSA begins plans to upgrade fed payroll system

The General Services Administration is now in the beginning stages of plans to upgrade and modernize its civilian federal employee payroll system.

Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie

Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie nominated for permanent role

In an “off-the-cuff” remark during a White House event on prison reform, President Trump announced his intent to nominate Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie as the new permanent leader of the agency.

Use of 'official time' on the rise

More federal employees are using official time to conduct union activities, according the latest report by the Office of Personnel Management.

Pon defends retirement proposals at hearing

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., calls recent retirement cut proposals, “draconian,” but OPM Director Jeff Pon contends that he is bringing federal retirement benefits into the 21st century with his plan.

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