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COVID-19 highlights workforce technological challenges

Attempting to modernize without a comprehensive approach that accounts for an agency's culture, engages its workforce and addresses critical business practices can actually create new or additional challenges that limit effectiveness and negatively affect mission outcomes.

Poorly protected postal workers are catching COVID-19 by the thousands

More than 50,000 workers have taken time off for virus-related reasons, slowing mail delivery. The Postal Service doesn’t test employees or check their temperatures, and its contact tracing is erratic.

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Intel and BYOD

The intelligence community is warming to the concept of bringing your own device to work -- except when it comes to highly classified work.

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Fed IT community explores BYOD

The intelligence community is warming to the concept of bringing your own device to work -- except when it comes to highly classified work.

OPM: Temp STEM posts should stretch to 10-year terms

The Office of Personnel Management has proposed a new rule that, in some instances, would permit agencies to hire new temp employees to dramatically longer terms.

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Details on federal hiring changes expected this week

Draft guidelines will detail how agencies will remove college-degree requirements and emphasize skill assessments.

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VA taps CARES Act funds for IT

The Veterans Benefits Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs is looking to reprogram about $250 million in COVID-19 emergency funding to modernize its troubled education benefits system.

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Feds over certain salary spared from tax deferral

Roughly 60 percent of the more than 2 million federal employees will be impacted by the tax deferral plan established by the president that would result in reduced paychecks at the beginning of the year.

Postal Police union sues USPS management over order

Employee unions that represents postal employees have complained, grieved, sued and otherwise opposed the U.S. Postal Service's management over several controversial—and lawbreaking—actions initiated in recent months by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and his leadership team.

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WH orders end to 'anti-American' diversity training across agencies

The White House, through the Office of Management and Budget, has issued a memo ordering federal agencies to stop implementing what it says is “anti-American” diversity training for employees.

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OPM nominee spared major criticisms

John Gibbs, the HUD official selected to lead the Office of Personnel Management, wasn't pressed by lawmakers on a history of controversial tweets of conspiracy theories and calling the Democrats the party of Islam.

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Long-delayed FEVS coming next week

The long-delayed Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will kick off on Sept. 14.

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Report: Fewer than 1 percent of feds disciplined for time, attendance misconduct

An investigation into time and attendance misconduct in the federal workforce found that very few federal employees have been disciplined for fraud at some of the largest agencies, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

Bipartisan group of lawmakers: Feds are ‘pawns’ in tax deferral plan

While some federal employees may be looking forward to larger paychecks in coming weeks, others are not, and more than 20 senators are asking that the mandatory payroll tax deferral be optional.

COVID crisis stretches many fed caregivers

Federal employees who normally serve as caregivers for children or family members at home are coming under especially sharp stress during the era of COVID-19.

Federal Jobs Act calls for greater diversity in senior ranks

The Federal Jobs Act calls on the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, the President’s Management Council, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to work together to create a new, shared road map leading to that desired diversity: an Executive Branch Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Initiative and Strategic Plan.

OPM streamlines procedures for carrying over leave during emergencies

The Office of Personnel Management is issuing interim regulations to make it easier for agencies to restore annual leave to essential employees whose unused leave was forfeited because of their work in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

How to do 30 years in government without losing your marbles

Do you have a friend, a relative or child just starting out in government? Or do you know somebody who, having checked the pandemic-influenced job market, thinks that working for Uncle Sam could be the smart move? If so, you might want to tell them that while benefits and job security look good these days, the job comes with a certain amount of mental stress -- a condition sometimes known as Nervous in the Civil Service.

Federal hiring still 'high risk,' but report offers four keys to smoothing the way

As many feds will tell you, hiring and retention practices at agencies are not ideal. Over the years, report after report from the Government Accountability Office and other reviewing bodies have pressed for change.