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Feds ... it is Open Season!!!

This week federal employees began another annual Open Season—the brief stretch late in the year (this time around, from Nov. 8 through Dec. 13) when feds can choose to change their health and other benefits options. 

And what a lot of options there are to choose from—and we’ll get to that. 

But for now: Why is Open Season so important for feds and their families? The answer: Because it is an opportunity to tailor your benefits—and your out-of-pocket costs—to suit your needs, avoiding any waste or excess charges. And, second, because every year health, dental and vision plans change—some years, like this one, quite a bit. 

So, feds, during this period you need to do some research—by consulting FederalSoup, the OPM Open Season home page, various specialty articles on federal health insurance and other coverage found via online and telephone resources, among others—in order to optimize your choices. 

“Most Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) plans will see benefit and rate changes for the upcoming year,” the OPM Open Season page advises. “Some plans are dropping out of the program and others are changing their service areas or coverage options.” 

To see what’s going on with your health care choices, you can start by going to OPM’s informational pages that offer links to additional resources, with information broken down by state and health insurance plan changes for 2022. 

In the coming several weeks of this fall’s Open Season, we will bring you articles with insights and changes with respect to FEHBP and other benefits with dynamic options on offer to federal employees.

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