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Unions praise WH move to support labor

Major federal employee unions promptly moved to praise this week’s White House announcement that feds should be fully informed of their collective bargaining and other labor rights. 

The administration’s move is part of a broader effort, led by a specialized administration task force as promised by President Biden, to try to help boost organized labor in general—including federal employees. 

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) lauded the move.

“AFGE thanks Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, and others on the Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment for their excellent work on these issues and their unwavering support of American workers,” the union said in a release

“For too long, there has been a concerted effort by corporations and wealthy individuals to prevent working people from organizing and bargaining collectively to better their working conditions and standard of living,” AFGE said. 

“Indeed, in the past decades we saw this fight play out inside our own federal government,” AFGE continued, “with an attempt to undermine employees’ independent unions and corrupt the apolitical civil service.”

Another large federal employee union, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NTEU), also spoke up in recognition of the step. 

“NFFE applauds Vice President Harris and the Biden Administration for this action that we believe will increase union membership among federal workers,” Randy Erwin, NFFEs’ president said. “That is indisputably good news for federal employees throughout the country. President Biden has always said he wanted to be a pro-worker and pro-union president. He is proving that he is with actions like these.”

The White House effort is expected to help federal unions to boost membership.


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