Retiring? That often means part-time work ...

Retirement has changed a great deal in recent years—with many people opting to keep on working, at least part-time, than in decades past. 

A survey from the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) found that over 17% of folks over 65 are working part-time in their retirement. And, depending on the particulars of the questions, some other surveys count an even higher portion. However you slice it, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says their numbers are increasing, and predicts about 13 million people at or over the retirement age will be in the workforce by 2024.

There's an almost infinite range of part-time employment for retirees. Several are listed in a new piece from the editors of the financial news service Motley Fool on the USA Today site. These jobs are highlighted because they often offer modest but adequate pay, flexible hours as well as interesting conversation—a social element that many seniors enjoy. 

These side gigs run the gamut, from working for ride-hailing services to pet-sitting. Have a look, and—maybe—get inspired.

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