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October: National Retirement Security Month

October is National Retirement Security Month. 

And now it’s—even more—official. 

This special campaign was conceived and publicized by the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDA) and supported by Senate resolutions starting back in 2006. And this week the push to help folks think and act on savings and retirement just got yet another supportive vote in Congress. 

“We’re grateful to the U.S. Senate for its ongoing support for the goals and ideals of National Retirement Security Month,” Matt Peterson, NAGDA’s Executive Director, said. “As [was] demonstrated by this newest resolution—the 16th since we first conceived a focused effort to encourage government workers to save for retirement.”  

“National Retirement Security Month asks Americans to be aware of their financial standing with regard to retirement—and for employers to make every effort to help them take the steps necessary to adequately prepare for their financial security in retirement,” he added. “Data suggests the need for attention and action continues.”

The event began as an effort to get government workers on board to put more thought into savings plans—but it has since blossomed into a nationwide effort to get all Americans to do so. Congress has recognized the event every year since its inception. For more information, go to the group's event page.

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