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WH vaccine EOs inapplicable on Hill

The recent White House executive orders (EOs) tightening COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal employees apply exclusively to executive branch workers—they do not extend to workers on Capitol Hill.

A new fact-check report, put out by USA Today, reminds the public that we have a three-part federal government, with separation of powers among them.

The piece came in response to a spike in online disinformation, originating—according to the report—on Twitter, that claimed President Biden had specifically exempted Congress from the new requirement that executive branch employees be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22.

In fact, the White House made no special exemption for congressional staff or other legislative branch employees in its EOs. As the report points out, Congress and its more than 20,000 employees constitute a wholly separate self-regulating branch of government—and White House personnel mandates do not apply to its employees.

Reader comments

Mon, Sep 27, 2021

Why is natural immunity not allowed to be discussed? Why is early treatment and prevention with known antivirals (natural) not allowed to be discussed? Have you seen the videos of what's happening in Australia - 10 cops pouncing on any citizen not wearing a mask? Insanity. "Unvaccinated" in hospitals includes those admitted having adverse reactions to getting the jab -- unless 2 weeks have passed from a second jab. Are the numbers really what they seem? Look deeper.

Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Is this not the land of the brave and land of the free? Did we trade one despot in 1776 for a modern day one (Biden)? Is the devil that you know better than the devil (Biden) that you don't know? Congress 2022 and Trump 2024 is the answer to the overreach of government.

Fri, Sep 24, 2021

All employees of the federal government should be vaccinated. No questions asked. If they do not want to get the vaccinations, they either resign or are terminated for their refusal. Many lives are at stake because of their stupidity and ignorance of how important vaccinations are to everyone.

Thu, Sep 23, 2021

The mandate is probably unconstitutional. It is hypocritical of those who approve of the mandate not to take it themselves and not mandate their employees. But of course they are out betters.

Wed, Sep 22, 2021 AJ

So sayeth the king? He can cram it!

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