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Want progress? Join the Federal Innovators Network!

Are you an innovator? Do you want to see your agency do a better job, by doing things in better ways? The Partnership for Public Service has a new program for that. It’s called the Federal Innovators Network, and you’re invited to join. 

“A sense of crisis pushed agencies to innovate with great urgency, but they should not wait for the next emergency to do so again,” PPS states on its website, noting the speed and skill of feds over the course of the COVID pandemic—and the advantages to all of us of pushing just as hard even as the emergency wanes. 

“The federal government has encountered significant challenges over the past 14 months, including a global pandemic, an economic recession and the need to quickly transition to remote work,” PPS says. “In the face of these crises, federal agencies helped coordinate the fastest vaccine development process in history, provided critical business loans and relief funds to those financially impacted by the pandemic, quickly implemented new telework capabilities and more.” 

What’s the Federal Innovators Network about? It’s the brainchild of the nonprofit’s Federal Innovation Council—a forum that invites feds to weigh in, in real time, on a five-part agenda that helps clarify and focus discussion and action toward doable improvements. 

These avenues, approaches to better develop, include: Focus on the customer; Enable collaboration with public and private sector partners; Evidence-based decision-making; Taking the lead on high-risk but high-reward R&D toward public good; and Make use of cutting-edge, agile technology. 

“Now is the moment for us to raise our expectations for what is possible and build on current progress to sustain an environment of improvement, innovation and impact for the public,” PPS states. “Over the course of the next four months, we will delve into each of these principles, describing how leaders can implement them and making the case for change.”

For more than 20 years, PPS has helped inspire and lead positive change with ideas and research taken up by leaders and rank-and-file employees across government. You can sign up to be part of the new program here.

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