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Report: Feds face return to workplace

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc, sickening millions and killing nearly 600,000 in the U.S. alone—while also significantly curtailing the economy. But with the majority of the adult population at least partially vaccinated, and the pandemic easing, many employers—including the federal government—are reopening workspaces. 

A new report from National Public Radio explores the quandaries and pitfalls federal managers and planners face, as they rearrange office spaces and schedule the anticipated return of more federal employees to their traditional worksites. 

As has been widely reported, the administration aims to have detailed plans in place for the “safe return” of much of the workforce by July 19. 

The NPR report notes that many feds already have returned to workplaces—sometimes on a voluntary basis. Many other feds, for example much of Customs and Border Protection among them, never did get far from their routines. Increased danger met all who have had to work through the pandemic. And there is political pressure from some quarters of Capitol Hill to make haste on the return to greater normalcy. 

The report offers several experts on problems presented by the return of employees to physical locations, while COVID hazards still loom in many areas. Problems include how to best support employee safety, morale, and fairness—while facing pressure from the taxpaying public that relies on robust federal services. 


Reader comments

Fri, Jun 11, 2021

hey to "i will not be taking". if you look at the tiny tiny tiny fraction of people who get sick from the vaccine, you/ll see it's much smaller than the number who actually get very very sick or die from covid. you're making a bad bet. look at those two possibilities. you're playing the odds all wrong.now if you plan to stay home forever, ok...

Thu, Jun 10, 2021

All deaths are bad. But, I have friends that work in hospitals who will tell you the numbers of deaths attributed to covid are way over inflated. If you tested positive and died, the death was blamed on covid. They ignored all the health issues that contributed to the inability to survive a flu - obesity, smokers, etc. Many of these people were already on borrowed time. But that daily barrage of fear mongering by the media served to further the left’s agenda. Now all these people are afraid to get back to their offices - but don’t have a problem being in stores shopping, going on vacations, sports events, etc. Just another crutch to lean on and a reason to instill fear among the weak. Oh, and I will not be taking the shot!

Wed, Jun 9, 2021

Malcolm has detailed the situation and consequences very well and concise.

Wed, Jun 9, 2021

It is sad to see the illogical and irrational fear about the COVID vaccines. They have saved many peoples lives and have reduced the potential for long-term effects noted from recovered patients. The number of adverse reactions is small population wise. However the course of infection and disease is no mild illness in any noted form. The more unvaccinated people, the spikes in infection rates and deaths will continue for years. Is it worth risking innocent people because of irrational fears? Also if you look at a large population of people, cardiac inflammation is a common manifestation from life style, excess alcohol consumption and nicotine addiction.

Wed, Jun 9, 2021

There is very little consistency from “leaders”, now all the sudden the children are at risk and must be vaccinated. I thought children were immune or safe.

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