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Scammers are using fake fed IDs to extort funds

Scammers of many kinds are increasingly often using fake federal employee IDs to help them carry out their ripoff schemes.

The cons involve phone or electronic contacts enticing people to part with their hard-earned savings by sending them texts or emails that feature convincing photos of the ersatz tags—along with phony “official” back tax bills, fines or other demands for cash—according to a new FEDWEEK story that draws from a Social Security Administration Inspector General report.

Crooks employ photo snapshots of homemade government IDs to provide a kind of visual “proof” of their, in fact, nonexistent bona fides. The IG warns against falling for such scams—pointing out that no legitimate federal entity conducts business in the manner favored by the criminals: that is, quick hit outreach that includes an insistence on immediate payment online—with the only alternative being that the recipient could be summarily arrested.

A host of federal agency IDs are illegally—and sometimes convincingly—falsified for the grift, according to the report, including DHS, IRS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and many others.


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