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Back in the day, there were rules. For example, one rule was that captains often went down with their ships. It was the right thing to do.  Or at least they did not abandon ship until everybody else on board was safe and sound. At least, I think that’s the way it was supposed to work. I’m pretty sure Capt. Smith went down with the Titanic. So did a number of commanders and captains in World War II. On our side and theirs. In the Army, it was called, “Get The Troops Out Of The Sun.” Something a good officer did. Take care of your men/women. Or should have done. I saw a number of examples of it. I’ve seen it—not quite so heroically—in the business world too.

But being in a once in a lifetime pandemic, the likes of which the world maybe never saw before, can change the rules somewhat.

Former President Donald J. Trump says his administration did the best job humanly possible to contain COVID-19. He blames China for any reporting delay. And says his administration produced a vaccine (a process that often takes five to eight years) in a matter of months. And that it went into warp speed to get it to the states and in our arms

 Or almost.

Current President Joseph Biden says the Trump effort was a disgrace; that many more people should have been vaccinated, and sooner. That states were allowed too much discretion on things like dining out, school closing. Masks.

The one thing each man has in common is that they got their shots before I did. Or you did. President Trump got symptoms but got emergency treatment (as proper for any POTUS), which may have saved him. 

Members of Congress who want the shots have received them. So, I would bet, have members of their families.  And key staffers. 

Right or wrong  (for the record I vote “wrong’) the people who really serve us, who we elect, pay and in many cases nurture for life, seem to have left us to man the ship as it sinks or swims. They’ve got theirs.  Now they are debating when (and for some still, if,) we get ours.

I have no problem with medical personnel, old folks’ homes, service workers, trash collectors and cleaners, getting the first shots. Truth to tell, I’d probably abandon my principles for a shot now.  If I had that option, it would bother me—I hope—for the rest of my life. Force me to do good works, give more to charity, be a better person if I could for being spared. 

Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t have that option.  Nor do you.  Most of you, no matter how important your job and the extent of your skills, haven’t gotten a shot yet.  Much less two.  But our elected leaders have. And they will continue to have the best medical treatment, helicopters, Walter Reed, special treatment, immediate access as long as they stay in office. They have the same health options as you do, only better.  And the government pays about 70 percent of their total premium.  No wonder they never want to leave Washington, the place they say is incompetent and corrupt. Full of swamp rats.

Maybe they are right, but not in the way they think.

Anyhow, next election I want some basic changes.  For one thing, I think politicians and their families should be way, way down the list of essential/needy personnel when it comes to getting anything free from the government. 

I want to feel the stick of that needle, and for my kids and their kids to feel it, before a POTUS of any party, my senators, representative or county executive get theirs. Or maybe we could go at the same time. That's fine with me.  Just pick me up in your government limo and, with your government paid and supplied protection, we can head for Walter Reed (near my house) or wherever.

Their excuse for being first is they are setting an example for people who are reluctant or fearful of the shot. That's fine. Maybe noble. But I'm not buying it. If they want an example set, let me set it. Or you. Then, they could get theirs.

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