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Civil Service: Stalled transition creates problems at all levels

Two weeks after the presidential election, with results in and clear to all state electoral authorities, the current White House has not budged on beginning the transition to the next one.

While President Trump briefly recognized his opponent’s victory—in a tweet—he has since backtracked, and equally importantly continues to signal to his cabinet secretaries and party allies across the country not to start the needed transition steps, transition steps outlined a 1963 federal law easing presidential transitions, to ensure national security and continuity in domestic federal programs.

Several recent news and analysis articles cover some of the problems posed by the non-transition. One such article, in Politico, offers significant detail on the potential damage caused by a total lack of cooperation by the existing White House team with new advisors on the COVID pandemic—which has killed a staggering quarter-million people in America in just over half a year. Of special note to feds, there’s a total stall on background checks for potential new appointees—very worrisome with respect to national security positions.

As of Federal Daily's press time, the General Services Administration administrator, Emily Murphy, still had not provided written affirmation that Sen. Biden has won the election—pending December’s electoral college count, which will put Biden at 306, far beyond the 270 needed to prevail. Murphy’s official affirmation is needed under the law for millions of dollars to flow for space and resources to Biden’s transition team.

Additional stories focusing on the delayed transition can be found on the Washington Post, Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal.



Reader comments

Fri, Nov 20, 2020 Jim

This whole fight over the election is stupid. He shouldn't fight it. Lost several ways. Would need multiple states to flip. And there isn't any fraud evidence. Nothing big. A couple mistakes affecting few votes. Not 1000s !

Thu, Nov 19, 2020 John Columbus, Ohio

Yes, Biden was not to concede the day of the election (when all the in-person Trump votes were counted), but to wait until the uncounted mail-in votes were also counted. These were specifically to be counted late because Repub legislatures dictated that they could not be counted in advance (except like Florida), which actually went smoothly. Trump wanted the votes for Biden (mostly mail-in because most of us believe in the danger of exposure to COVID) to be counted late so he could howl and whine that it was "rigged" and "fraud" because he "won" on election day (when all his voters voted). So, this con did not work except for his cult and Repubs that are afraid of losing his cult. All this is going to show is how he can keep on losing.

Thu, Nov 19, 2020

And John from Ohio, get a hold of yourself and quit your drama. You're just repeating the same old talking points from your overlords at CNN.

Thu, Nov 19, 2020

Get a grip you Democrats hypocrites. It was YOU who kept telling us this election was going to be contested for weeks and for Biden to not concede if he was behind. NOW you're acting like this after 4+ years of trying to invalidate the last election? Get a clue hypocrites.

Thu, Nov 19, 2020 John Columbus, Ohio

Are you kidding me? People that claim the election is not over are deluded...even Fox news says it is over. The law says the APPARENT nominee shall be considered the president-elect and the transition should then be triggered. Not even close to state with a difference of hundreds of votes...not multiple states with a difference of tens of thousands. You may want to die from COVID because of a delayed transition and/or a terrorist attack on the country for your devotion to a conman but most of the country does not. Wake up and smell the coffee. Rudy will not discover anything regarding election fraud ...just that he no longer knows his way around a courtroom. But he is getting $20,000 a day for playing a lawyer on TV, so there's that. Keep giving your hard earned money to this ongoing con, but it will get you nothing except possible COVID (and by the did not go away after the election...just got worse due to the golfer-in-chief's inaction and misinformation. Maybe he'll start up Trump U. for you to get more trasining for or the Trump charities for you to give your money to for him to donate to...himself. This long con is getting really old but the grift goes on.

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