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Data examines feds' 2020 election donations

Even though federal employees are prohibited from engaging in political activity while on the clock--including making or soliciting donations--off they clock, they have donated about $1.8 million to presidential candidates for the upcoming 2020 election, Government Executive reports.

Trump’s donations overwhelmingly came from departments of Defense and Homeland Security employees, while Biden’s supporters were mainly Labor and Justice  workers, the article notes adding that overall, federal workers gave Biden a much larger average contribution of $104, compared to $69 for Trump. 

The findings come from the Federal Election Commission and compiled by Government Executive, according to the report.

Reader comments

Sun, Nov 1, 2020

Data will show that Biden (who studied under Obama) and the republicans will continue to erode federal employee benefits and salaries because they rather take more re-election funds from insurance and big pharmaceutical companies. The only president that did anything great for hard working federal employees was George Bush Sr. Carter, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama and Trump all went after federal employees benefits and compensation packages along with the collective minions in congress and senate. Watch out for who you vote for. There is no real good option unfortunately.

Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Democrats and republicans are cut from the same cloth. Both are corrupt, greedy and take big money from banks, insurance firms, and pharmaceutical companies. even such corruption goes further with ex-presidents foundations which are front organizations for foreign government's interests. Pay as you go and ask the current candidates for president how transparent are they when it comes to raking in big money from foreign interests. Joe and Donald the epitome of corruption and they are so proud of their ability to consolidate their wealth.

Thu, Oct 29, 2020

simply put, if Biden wins the election, he will do the same to federal employees as did his mentor Obama. Destroy civil service and no COLA adjustments will result because he will owe favors to the banking industry and insurance companies. If Trump wins the election, civil service will decay in other areas that are important to both active and retired civil servants. Carter, Clinton. Bush Jr, Obama and the current president Trump all have it out for the civil servants along with the minions and stooges that make up congress and senate and include nut not limited to Cortez, McConnel, Paul, Pelosi, Schumer, Graham and many other do nothing idiots.

Wed, Oct 28, 2020

What is sad is that many union heads ignore how poorly the last 3 Administrations have treated federal employees. They say they are not endorsing according the the candidates party but clearly they are. Obama's administration was terrible to federal employees & their unions, yet most union endorsed his second term. There is no requirement that union must endorse a candidate. When a union endorses a candidate that has treated federal employees poorly, they anger many of their rank & file members.

Wed, Oct 28, 2020 Craig

I guess a cost of living increase isn't needed if Feds are trying to grease the wheels.

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