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Long-delayed FEVS coming next week

The long-delayed Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will kick off on Sept. 14, the Office of Personnel Management announced.

The survey, which gauges employee satisfaction and engagement, is the basis for the annual "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government' index. The survey was supposed to launch in June but was subject to multiple delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in past years, FEVS will be in the field for a six-week period. This year's survey will include a section on COVID-19 response.

Some agencies will see survey results in 2020, but most will begin to receive response data in 2021.

The lateness of the survey is a cause for concern for some lawmakers. In August, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) demanded a briefing from OPM to explain the delays, while Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) brought up FEVS at the Sept. 9 confirmation hearing of John Gibbs, the nominee to lead OPM.

OPM urged agency heads to support participation in the survey, which is voluntary, by telling employees "about steps being taken based on the findings within your agencies and what the outcomes of those efforts have been." OPM also suggested letting employees complete the survey while on the clock to boost participation.

Reader comments

Tue, Sep 15, 2020

if you decide to take the survey make sure you indicate your displeasure in many subject areas so the management minions will completely ignore it again. If there is a place to put in a narrative on how a manager treats their employees, make sure their name is mentioned, the agency and the abuses they continue to perform.

Sun, Sep 13, 2020

The worthless survey results will be ignored and management will give each other large bonuses for continuing the decline of morale among hard working employees. Management will get extra bonuses if they are bigots, gender biased and have issues with older experienced employees. The Big Outfit in Bethesda gives their managers large bonuses for the number of people they can sideline, harass, exhibit age discrimination. I imagine they have quotas. The more pushed out the larger the bonus.

Sat, Sep 12, 2020

Please do not punish hard working civil servants with another time consuming worthless survey. More important things to think about such as replacing all incumbents running for office since many are career politicians who do nothing except collect a bloated pay check and rip off the American tax payers. This goes for McConnel, Paul, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the minion squad.

Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Moth worthless and ignored survey that continues for years and years and no implementation on needed areas of concern. Just stop insulting civil servants and stop this stupid time wasting survey.

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