Report: Collective bargaining for some feds could be rolled back

The White House is exploring ways to push back against collective bargaining by federal employees at the Defense Department, according to a new report on the Federal News Network.

The report draws on a recent memo—dated Jan. 29—from the president to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, providing the authority to remove DOD civilian employees from the pool of employees who fall under the statute allowing most feds the ability to collectively bargain in at least limited ways—the Federal Service Labor Management Relations law.

If Esper elects to act on the memo, he must make his intention to do so public, in the Federal Register, and allow for feedback, according to the article. To date, there has been no such action.

Reader comments

Wed, Feb 26, 2020

To Ronald: Hey man. Your comment that the unions are critical of the president because they simply are in "refusal to recognize our duly elected president" is nonsense. They are not saying he doesn't have authority. No. He does, and they see that. It's that he is ABUSING his authority over feds and many other areas too! He is BREAKING THE LAW when he goes after whistleblowers. It's ILLEGAL. They are protected by law and should be. He is BREAKING THE LAW when he goes after feds who might vote for a different party. The civil service was made non partisan in the 19th century. By law. So, no THE UNIONS and UNION BOSSES are NOT laundering money to fight the president. No. They are properly using union resources to protect their members, not to be lazy or whatever you are implying, but to work in a politics-free environment and to get the job of their agency done without fear or favor. You have it all wrong, Ronald. Sorry bro. So yeah the unions, most of them (I think the Border Patrol are ok with this president, and maybe a few others), clearly don't like the current president. You're right. But you're wrong that they are somehow failing to recognize him under the law. No. He is breaking the law that governs their work and their work environment, so they have to fight and they are right to fight, on that front, against the WH in court and in public. But pushing back on the president where he is breaking the law, that's not the same as what you are WRONGLY criticizing feds for doing. They ain't doing that. Do you get it? I hope so.

Mon, Feb 24, 2020 Hinterlands

Wondering if 11/20 will bring home the knowledge to Cheeto that there are not as many gullible folks as he and his worshippers think. He is a perfect example of the aphorism that the way to tell if he is lying is if his lips are moving. So many of his supporters, who many of were people of integrity, have somehow fallen under his mystical power, and have now exemplified the Biblical saying "Woe to those who call good evil and evil good". He has overloaded the swamp he promised to drain, sundered protections for the folks at the bottom of society, and grasped in his tiny hands all he could. Once his hag-ridden supporters are no longer under his spell, if that ever happens, objective investigations into how foul he is will yield so much corruption as to make Presidents like Grant and Nixon seem like honest folks by comparison. Better wake up, folks, and see where he is leading us.

Fri, Feb 21, 2020 Ronald

As the activist politicians always remind us, there are two sides to every story. Effectively, the big union bosses are laundering hard earned dues payer money as PACS to elect politicians - many of whom are trying to grind the government to a halt through their refusal to recognize our duly elected president as head of the executive branch. Wouldn't a collective bargaining rollback result in a better functioning government?

Thu, Feb 20, 2020

Pretty much. Loves to ding vets and feds for cash. To lower the deficit numbers. Looks a little better to voters. Even while giving mass amounts of tax breaks to extremely wealthy.

Thu, Feb 20, 2020 Michael NJ

Just another attempt to takeaway hard-earned benefits from Federal Employees. Large amount of these employees are Veterans’. Again, MR Draft Dodger goes after Federal Employees, he does love the Vet ‘s Right?

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