Analysis: Can WH delegate legal powers of appointment on labor relations panels?

The White House just this month moved to change—and, according to critics, debilitate—the intended functioning among the country’s nearly century-old labor relations regulatory panels, a move challenged by a new lawsuit filed by a federal employees union, according to a recent analysis on

In effect, the Trump administration issued a brand-new power to the Federal Labor Relations Authority: the power to remove members from another—traditionally equal and independent body—the Federal Service Impasses Panel, a panel that specifically weighs in to resolve union collective bargaining disputes.

The move will cause problems in federal oversight of labor relations, according to sources in the article—who note that the FLRA is an adversarial body and the FSIP is not. The union lawsuit (—filed by the American Federation of Government Employees—encompasses this potential problem, as well as the union’s claim that by federal statute only the president can remove members of the FSIP, the report notes.

Reader comments

Sat, Nov 23, 2019

90-95% of the management at the big outfit in Bethesda are total crooks, bigots and have age and gender biases. They also cover each others supposed telework schedules when in fact they are on vacation. If one disagrees with the manager the individual is back stabbed, demoralized or forced to leave. Then they have the audacity to write each other up for large bonuses for breaking federal regulations concerning labor laws etc. They also enjoy destroying the careers of individuals who have medical issues.

Wed, Nov 20, 2019

yet another crooked move.

Wed, Nov 20, 2019

The administration is obviously trying again to bust up labor. They are constantly gnawing on unions like a rat on a kitchen wall.

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