Federal Salary Council divided on need for change

Members of the Federal Salary Council in recent years have called for sharp changes in federal employee pay and benefits—and a new report on Federal News Network encapsulates some of the discussion.

The report notes that the FSC over the years usually has made only recommendations on incremental salary increases, particularly with respect to locality pay. But nowadays members—and particularly three members appointed by President Trump, including the directors of the Office of Management and Budget and Office of Personnel Management—are proposing more comprehensive alterations to compensation, as detailed in the report.

The council’s majority opinion, however, remains in the hands of union representatives, a group that continues to sharply disagree with the recommendations for sweeping changes.

Reader comments

Tue, Jul 23, 2019

Agree the current resident of the White House has and is trying to gut benefits, compensation and retirement for civil servants. However one main issue is the number of totally inept management minions in power who are abusive and destroy the careers of hard working federal employees. This administration endorses such activities along with race, age and gender bias.

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

To last commenter: You're right that both administrations and parties are cause of this. But the one in power right now is far worse. Ripoffs and tearing society apart. We have to get back to an informed public and that means we need unions and less of the money for superwealthy.

Mon, Jul 15, 2019

Remember Obamas freeze on salary increases was to help out the banking, insurance and big pharma's interests when CEO/ management greed destroyed their companies. However democrats and republicans still feed at the trough of special interest groups. Pelosi, Warren, AOC, Schumer, McConnel and the other collection of idiots have their dirty paws out waiting for their share of the special interest slop.

Mon, Jul 15, 2019 Jim

This is clearly about cutting union salaries and later union jobs. Any other interpretation is a joke. Let's hope the union representation and laws surviving it survives this administration. This administration could last another term if the otehr side keeps tearing itself apart.

Sun, Jul 14, 2019

The Federal Salary Council is the mouth piece of Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama and the lets make America great again individual in destroying and gutting civil service. Both the democrats and republican elected officials have spewed anti-federal employee biases for years and the uneducated promote such ideas just tune in a talk radio show. What are the elected officials and unions which supposedly are supporters of the federal employees doing, absolutely nothing other than trying to get a big pay raise for them selves.

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