Delays remain for promised pay raise

In March, the White House issued an executive order mandating the long-promised retroactive 1.9 percent pay for federal employees. Congress had ended last winter’s shutdown with a spending deal that would permit the raise to go into effect in the months that followed.

That executive order calls for an across-the-board raise of 1.4 percent—with another 0.5 percent added boost that will help most feds under locality pay.

But a recent Federal News Network story was among the first to quote OPM sources who are throwing a little cold water on the WH order. A spokesperson conveyed that exactly when feds might receive their raise money remains to be seen, and could be variable. Some of the remaining delay is said to owe to complexities inherent in calculating and issuing the increase to employees who either left government or transferred between agencies on or after Jan. 6, 2019.

Reader comments

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

Still, we should all be grateful to have good jobs and stop the blame game. Our fellow Feds at OPM want to get the same pay raise, I believe they are working hard to get it right. And no, I don't work for OPM.

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

And exactly how are the Dems to blame for the delay? They're the ones who made sure we got a raise when Trump froze our salaries. Dems are also the ones who pushed back when the President didn't sign the required executive order to implement and release the updated pay tables. There's enough blame to go around in DC for a lot of our issues today, but the Dems are the ones fighting to give you a pay raise and save your retirement from some pretty draconian republican proposals.

Thu, Apr 4, 2019 Johnny

The president's favored business people - actually gaudy loudmouth supposedly hardworking but actually lazy do-nothing business class flow-chart shufflers - get richer and get more. Meanwhile, regular Joes and feds have to "do more with less". Thanks, jerks. For nothing but hot air and worse services, worse government, worse everything. Oh, except you're really good at slapping gold paint on all kinds of crap--like your towers in New York. Unbelievable. Delaying the tiny raise. You know it all flows down from the top, who caused the Shutdown and the disruption in the first place!

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

This is obviously just another example of Trump's vindictiveness for not getting his way. The 2020 election cannot get here soon enough.

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

Do not blame one party, both the democrats and republicans have it out for federal employees: Clinton, Gore and his minions caused major RIFS, shutdowns and poor yearly increases in pay; Bush Jr made sure cost of livings were worth absolutely nothing; Obama and his cronies had 3 years of federal pay raise freezes and the individual in the white house has no interest or concern for federal workers. So look at the big picture the unions have sold out to the whims of what ever administration is in power. Stop paying worthless union dues that support the boated management and vote out s lazy minions such as Schumer, McConnel, Pelosi, Cortez and others they have proved to be ineffectual.

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