Feds rally to end shutdown

Federal employees are coming together today to march to the White House in protest of the government shutdown.

They are calling for the immediate end to the “costly and unnecessary” shutdown, according to a International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers press release.

“The health, safety and well-being of tens of millions of Americans is at risk due to this irresponsible and unnecessary shutdown of our government,” Paul Shearon, president of the IFPTE, said.

IFPTE includes scientists, judges and NASA workers, but the rally will include many other federal employees as wells as contract workers and other union members.

The rally will begin at the AFL-CIO headquarters at 12pm, ET, and will end at the White House.

More information is available here.

Reader comments

Mon, Jan 14, 2019

Maybe Schumer and Pelosi can offer the out of work federal employees payments out of their own savings accounts and also help pay for their health care.

Fri, Jan 11, 2019

elected democrats and republicans you are all immature egocentric brats! Grow up do your job and if you cannot resign and let someone more capable of getting things done. Do not take it out on the hides of hard working federal employees.

Thu, Jan 10, 2019

I am a centralist who leans right on fiscal issues and left on social issues. I typically vote more conservative vs liberal. This congressional/senate/presidential temper tantrum needs to end. compromise is necessary. It’s time for that to happen! Even young children recognize this so why can’t they? All I can say is Good luck getting votes from Government Employees I 2020.

Thu, Jan 10, 2019

Keep California’s mess in California!

Thu, Jan 10, 2019

Well I say let bus them to California because we don’t wanted in Texas! Keep California’s mess in California!

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