House Dems try to reopen agencies piecemeal

House Democrats are trying to get individual spending bills passed this week in order to reopen some federal agencies, Government Executive reports.

The plan is to move the Financial Services and General Government appropriations measure first, which includes funding for the Treasury Department, the Office of Personnel Management, the General Services Administration and other agencies, according to the report, which notes that the bill also includes a 1.9 percent pay raise for federal employees.

According to the article, all of the bills were already approved by the full Senate or approved in the chamber's Appropriations Committee and the House also plans to pass the measures to fund the Agriculture Department and related agencies; the Interior Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and related agencies; and the departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and related agencies.

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Sat, Jan 12, 2019 Pat O’Rourke

How can Mitch McConnell be subservient to the President? Our government consists of a system of checks and balances purposely designed to prevent a demagogue from exercising dictatorial powers to the great harm of the nation. I think a recall election on any member of Congress who fails to fulfill their patriotic duty is a good place to begin, as that would demonstrate actions have consequences. To stand silent and servile to an autocratic leader is not American nor in our country’s best interests.

Thu, Jan 10, 2019

Make America great again, reduce the number of congressional and senate representatives and their bloated staff by term limits and major reductions in salaries. They are not integral part of democracy and dwell in the swamp.

Thu, Jan 10, 2019

THIS IS A TRUMP SHUTDOWN!!! In March 2018, Dems agreed to FULL funding of the wall, in return for DACA extention into 2020. Trump accepted, then later refused the offer. How can you give the wall to a POTUS who keeps moving the goalpost? He had his chance for full funding of the wall. Too late. No more middle ground for wall. Now he wants to harm American citizens and economy over the wall that only his base wants. Dems offered increased border security before shutdown. Trump agreed, and then at the 11th hour refused. Wait till February when it really hits. I would not be surprised to see recall elections across the country to remove Republican reps and senators, as 36 states allow this.

Wed, Jan 9, 2019

Both the elected congressional and senate individuals are do nothing over paid minions who deserve to have their salaries reduced and the imposition of term limits is needed because they are the national emergency. Grow up you fat old bloats who spew garbage and exert the least amount of effort work wise. You are all slobs feeding at the trough while rolling around in the swamp.

Wed, Jan 9, 2019 Wisconsin

This is on the Dems! Look at the media coverage and actions of the liberal leaning agencies like the NPS and compare it to 2013. If it was Trump's fault it would be the same as 2013.

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