Feds are waiting longer to retire

Civilian federal employees are waiting longer to retire from the workforce, according a new trend report from the Office of Personnel Management.

The average age of retirees as of fiscal year 2017 was 61.8 years, and 25 percent of the retirees in 2017 were under 57.7, and 75 percent were under 65.5.

The report also found that among the three largest federal agencies—Veteran Affairs, the Army and the Navy—all experienced an increase in the average retirement age.

The three states with largest federal employee populations— California, and the District of Columbia— also experienced retirement age increases.

A breakdown by race, gender and occupations is also included in the report.

View the full report here.

Reader comments

Tue, Nov 6, 2018

Time for you to go Hanky. Unreal watching Feds complain after all they have it easier than the Private Sector. Feds have better leave policies, TSP, Retirement age, Job Security and still they complain. I say bravo to those that stick around and bye bye to those who just don't get it, you are a cancer anyway

Tue, Nov 6, 2018

I'm retiring early. I'll take a nominal hit on my already nominal annuity but life is to short to continue with this incredibly bad work environment. I'll make up the difference by earning more in the public sector and socking that away. At least then I can enjoy my life again.

Thu, Nov 1, 2018

Heck no way I'm going to retire, where else can I support outdated hardware, watch Supervisors fool themselves into thinking they know what they are doing while promoting the inept and chasing away all of the really good employees. Where else can failure be so ceremoniously rewarded and accepted as the norm. Where else do you get threatened to be furloughed yet watch the spending of money like rain. No Sir, I'm not leaving the comedy show is just starting.

Thu, Nov 1, 2018

Is there any correlation between staying in service longer and the mandatory retirement age moving from 65 to 67.5?

Mon, Oct 29, 2018 DR DWIGHT SANDERS SE Ohio

61 no how but 67

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