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Trump says a gov't shutdown is possible

During a meeting with Republican lawmakers this week, President Trump warned that a government shutdown is possible if Congress fails to provide funding for border security, Federal Times reports.

He told the lawmakers that he is “willing to do anything” to protect the nation’s borders, and that includes shutting down the federal government, the article states about what was said at the Sept. 5 meeting.

Congress has until Sept. 30 to pass a spending bill, and several GOP leaders have already vowed to work out a deal to keep the government open and still protect American security, the report notes

Reader comments

Mon, Sep 17, 2018

A wall was already funded years ago, but was never built. Why are we again talking about funding for this.

Mon, Sep 10, 2018

Shut down the congress and senate since they do nothing any way. Also, make sure their offices and bloated management minions are told no need for you any more here is a two week severance and good by. Watch the door nob on the way out

Fri, Sep 7, 2018

shut down the executive branch first! then shut down the legislative branch. leave all the GS1s-15s and all the other wage earners and contractors to clean up the mess. We'll do a better job.

Fri, Sep 7, 2018 Puregoldj Bethesda, MD

Wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for the wall?? So how about shut down the Mexican government? Or even better, explain exactly how Mexico is ever going to pay for the wall. (Hint: they're not)

Fri, Sep 7, 2018 Pat

That's it! Americans want a political party that is not afraid to hurt everyone for something as stupid as the wall.

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