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OPM takes first steps to begin restricting union activities

The Office of Personnel Management as of July 9 has instructed agency leaders to begin implementing requirements of the three workforce executive orders that target union activities while on the job.

On May 25, President Trump signed three EOs that will 1) limit the amount of time an employee can be under investigation for misconduct and encourages firings for underperformers, 2) states that employees who conduct union activities while on the job must spend at least 75 percent of their time doing government work and 3) calls for the Office of Personnel Management to renegotiate contracts with unions regarding the reporting of official time instead of working directly with individual agencies.

OPM on July 5 issued guidance that outlines how leaders can move forward with enforcing the new rules.

Under the new rule, as of July 9, federal employees use of official time will be limited to no more than 25 percent of their total paid time and those who go over that time will be disciplined; they can no longer use government property, such as computers, conference rooms and government issued cellphones to conduct union business; prior consent will be needed from a supervisor to engage in official time activities; and agencies will be required to report the number of  official time hours used, permission given and employee pay grade for future official time usage to increase transparency.

“President Trump has recognized the importance of strategic workforce management, placing it at the top of his agenda for modernizing the federal government in key areas that will improve the ability of agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service, and effectively steward taxpayer dollars,” the guidance states. It continues, “In support of this important effort, setting sensible standards for granting and using taxpayer-funded union time by federal employees for labor-management relations activities is necessary to meet the needs and expectations of agencies, employees, and the ultimate customers – the American people.“

Reader comments

Sun, Jul 15, 2018

This is long overdue. While many union employees are hard working federal employees, more and more join the union for the same type of protection the mob gives in their neighborhoods. They intimidate, pressure and tie up supervisors and management with frivolous complaints and grievances on behalf of some who should not even have a job. Many complaints are won merely on technicalities rather than merit. The unions demise will be a result of protecting poor and ineffective employees at all cost rather than truly seeking a better workplace and that's unfortunate. We should not be paying the salaries for those engaging in union business. If they choose to work full-time for the union, the union should use the dues collected to pay those salaries and not for political action committees and donations.

Thu, Jul 12, 2018

For a person who is a "businessman," one has to wonder where he got his business sense. Unions keep employees engaged by giving voice to concerns, safety violations, discrepancies, and unfair labor practices. Funny thing about Satanic, evil unions; they are necessary to keep the putrid, self-serving, megalomaniacal management from extending it's excess and putrefaction. Mr. Warren Buffett tolerates unions and works with them. But then again, he is only one of the greatest businessmen. Mr. Buffett doesn't need the hype or self-promotion; he just performs.

Tue, Jul 10, 2018

He wimped out on his goal to cleanse America of those satanic commie Union criminals. He should have issued an Executive detain and execute Order. Ted Nugent will gladly lead the Execution Team.

Tue, Jul 10, 2018

It's amazing to me that this President claims to do this in the interest of efficiency and concern for the American public and their tax dollars. This Administration has been most prominent in exercising waste, fraud, and abuse than any other. The President, and his appointed family members, have been at the heart of some of the biggest cases of waste and abuse of position through spending of taxpayers money for their own personal benefit. The current President's security costs alone are easily double any other because he wants (not needs) to use his own properties to stay at. He took no action at all about his family members and appointees spending for private planes, first class seating, office furnishings designed to allow clandestine dealings with the private sector (e.g., EPA Pruitt). The annual cost of Union representation for all Federal Employee Unions is less than one of the many vacations the President has taken at his Florida property so he can play golf. It's an incredible case of the haves and repression of the have nots.

Tue, Jul 10, 2018

This is the first step to reinstate the “spoils system” and to eliminate civil service protections. This will not benefit the People, only the politicians and their cronies.

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