Teamsters blog notes strong support for unions

A blog posted this month on the website of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters notes continuing strong public support for labor unions, drawing from several recent sources.

A Pew Research public opinion poll published earlier this month, the blog piece notes, shows 55 percent of the public “have a positive impression of unions.” More than half of those polled have a “negative view” of the drop in union membership in recent decades.

The piece cites further evidence that buoys support for unions—notably Bureau of Labor Statistics data showing that workers that belong to a union earn approximately $11,000 per year each more than non-unionized workers.

“The labor movement takes a stand for increased wages, raising the standard of living for hardworking Americans, ensuring quality working conditions and better benefits for workers and their families,” the piece said.

The Teamsters union is a labor organization that supports federal employee interests and partner in the Federal Workers Alliance. The union, formed in 1903, has a membership of over 1.4 million.

Reader comments

Fri, Aug 3, 2018 Denise S. Wood Arlington, Va.

I caught an AFL-CIO Chief on late night television last night, well-dressed, older, no featgerweight, talking to a Breakfast Club I believe it was about the importance of trade negotiations on behalf of American msnufacturing, noting steel in particular. I was up late and didn't catch his name, but he was intelligent, composed, well-versed in what was happening to America for decades and why it was critical to take a stand and turn trade imbalances around. I looked at listeners at the table and thought to myself, "You can't hold a candle to his argument, none of you, because he is right." He encountered a heavyset redhead that could only argue "But our dogfood will cost more!" The AFL-CIO Chief took up a very good opportunity to argue "guns (national security interests in this case) or butter (dog food in this case)," and just let her keep making the same clueless argument, and a fool out of herself. Good job AFL-CIO Chief, hang in there, you have a large and growing fan club in American by bringing good paying jobs back. The trade tariffs will work, but like other things worth fighting for, sometimes you have to be tough in your own defense.

Tue, Jul 3, 2018

Unions have been so gutted, most side with the minions in power. How have they helped the rank and file in getting reasonable cost of living adjustments, federal whistle blower protection. All they do is reach in the pocket of dues paying members and tell them we work for you.

Fri, Jun 29, 2018

People not forced to join union just help defray the cost of representation.

Thu, Jun 28, 2018

Don't pay "your" dues don't take union benefits.

Thu, Jun 28, 2018

Great news! So why are unions upset at the Janus decision? If public perception and the benefits of being in a union are so great, why force people into unions and force dues on nonmembers??

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