NTEU reacts to recent executive orders targeting feds

The National Treasury Employees Union president is calling the three executive orders released by Trump last week a “threat” to the federal workforce and the federal government as a whole.

“The executive orders indicate an administration threatened by workers with rights. Our union has been around 80 years and this is not our first battle on behalf of federal employees,” NTEU Tony Reardon said. “The truth is these orders will disrupt the workplaces of every agency, add red tape and impede the quality work that taxpayers expect and deserve,” he added.

The executive orders, issued May 25, will 1) limit the amount of time an employee can be under investigation for misconduct and encourages firings for underperformers, 2) states that employees who conduct union activities while on the job must spend at least 75 percent of their time doing government work and 3) calls for the Office of Personnel Management to renegotiate contracts with unions regarding the reporting of official time instead of working directly with individual agencies.

Reardon stressed that the orders will not immediately effect current employees and noted that the collective bargaining agreements currently in place, will remain in effect.

“NTEU believes agencies will need to wait until contracts are reopened or expired before they can try to impose the anti-labor provisions called for by the executive orders,” according to the statement.

The union said it is reviewing legal options to ensure that the orders do not undercut the rights of federal employees.

Read the full statement here.

Reader comments

Mon, Jun 4, 2018

Federal Employees include Congress men/women, Senators, military personnel and civil service. Meaning the rules SHOULD BE fair across the board, but once again, the attack is on, for the civil service employee. The Republicans needs to stop protecting their Contractor CEOs! The more contractors do Government work, the more his CEO friends get money from the Government. Yet, NO ONE is auditing their books and they are making millions off the taxpayer.....I work in Contracting and auditing the Contractor is a scam. Even our Navy Admirals protect the Contractor....after all, they are looking for a job when they retire from the Navy. Get Management (Senior military members, Senior Civil Service personnel, Congress men/women and Senators) under control and you'll see taxpayers happy and junior military personnel and junior civil service personnel working harder than ever! Pay for performance DOES NOT work, when Management is NOT being graded!

Fri, Jun 1, 2018

Union were created to punch management minions. The management minions make up their own rules and spew they are facts. Problem solved if management levels from the top down are eliminated a good way to drain the swamp.

Thu, May 31, 2018 Tiredofwhiners

The only people who pay union dues are those who do little, want to continue to do little and have little if anything to positive to offer. Unions have NO place in the pub lic sectors. They do not negotiate salary and benefits, Congress does. They negotiate less work, no discipline and payoffs. Good-bye, your time is up.

Thu, May 31, 2018

Unions in the past did protect their representative employees through decent cost of living increases, benefits protection etc. Today unions are ineffectual and go along with what the management minions want to accomplish by reducing employee rights, protections, pay and benefits. Today the spew a lot of hot air and take large salaries and are of limited or no benefit to their members.

Wed, May 30, 2018

It's about time Federal Employees are treated like everyone else! You go to work....to work!

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