OPM retirement claims processing time up, backlog down

The Office of Personnel Management reduced its retirement claims backlog in April, but the agency increased the time it took to process claims.

The total retirement claims backlog in April was 17,489, down from 18,730 in March and significantly lower than one of its highest inventories in recent years of 24,225 in February.

The agency received 8,390 new retirement claims last month and processed 9,532 claims, compared with March when the agency received 7,767 and processed 13,362 claims.

It took OPM an average of 58 days to process claims in April, increasing from an average of 49 days in March and 46 days in April.

The new figures are from OPM’s monthly claims processing progress report available on the OPM website.

Reader comments

Wed, Oct 3, 2018 Judy hunt Indiana

I have been waiting for the disability under special provision since 1 nov 2016. They disapproved it clearly violating public law, I got two senators involved the. Went to the merit board of a appeals. Opm contacted the merit board and said they made a mistake and could they have it back to process. They have had it for three months without a peep from opm. It is disgusting how opm treats veterans.

Wed, Sep 19, 2018 Fedup!

President Trump is always talking about LOYALTY, when OPM is literally delaying medical retirement benefits until sick workers to die. He loves Twitter so much, i'd like to hear his response to some of the horror stories of illness and financial ruin while workers wait up to a year or more or worse, being terminated or forced to resign after 30+ years of working and paying into a retirement you may not receive. This is how sick Fed workers get treated, worse than criminals. They still get food, room and board while doing their time!

Mon, Sep 17, 2018

So, the backlog is down explanation. So, since OPM starting using their new contractors since Congress reaned them, they are denying submissions to clear the numbers for reports and know that medical issues will get approved at the merit protection board. They cannot justify the denials, but they dont care. Again, they know with merit, you will be approved, just delayed terribly. Its all a delay tactic which places sick people in financial hardship even more. Shame on OPM for treating us that way. Im also a Veteran, its stings me even more.

Wed, Aug 15, 2018 Misty Florida

After being diagnosed with liver disease, I had to quit work (or risk being fired because I could no longer keep up). It took over a year to get approved (and that's with end stage cirrhosis). Now I have been in interim status pending finalizing for the past month. I shudder to think how long it will take to get my full back pay from July 2016! I've dealt with a few (very few) wonderful employees at OPM, but most just don't give a damn. The first thing I would do is INCLUDE finalization in the OPM processing time numbers and require that every step in the process be completed in a certain time frame. None of this "there really isn't a due date" bull.

Thu, Jul 12, 2018 Paul Florida

I had to take immediate retirement in March of 2017 because of health issues. Took 6 months to finalize my retirement, and send it on to disability retirement approval. From September of 2017, it took 5 months to get approved. My disability retirement was approved in February 2018, it took 3 months to even be assigned to someone. It's now been over 2 months sitting on someone's desk...still not processed. All my paper work is there...last day of work...years I worked at the post office...everything. You can't find out any information about your case except when it moves from one place to another. It's an embarrassment that our government treats its employees like this after 30 + years of work.

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