Survey examines feds’ view of administration

Forty-eight percent of federal employees surveyed believe the Trump administration is not holding its political appointees to the same ethical standards as the rest of the civil service workforce, Government Executive reports.

In a survey conducted by the Government Business Council from April 4 to April 16 of 138 federal employees, one in four respondents said the turnover in agency leadership under the administration has had no impact on mission delivery, while one in three say they have been very or extremely disruptive, according to the report.

The report also notes that the survey found that one in six federal employees agree that the omnibus spending package signed into law last month would lead to more waste and unnecessary programs, and just under one in five believe it will help their agency operate more effectively, while most do not expect any impact or are not anticipating any increase in waste.

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Sun, Apr 29, 2018

The entire administration is crooked. Too many people in Congress, Dem, Republican, and others have been less than honest in their dealings and way to prone to ignore their constituents while listening to the campaign money providers. To say only one party is crooked is to show bias and to ignore the issues, and there are many.

Fri, Apr 27, 2018

The last president that treated the federal employees with dignity and respect was George H.W. Bush. Carter, Clinton, Obama, Bush Jr, Trump have trashed and based the federal employees along with the inept and useless congress and senate.

Tue, Apr 24, 2018

Forty-eight percent of federal employees surveyed believe the Trump administration is not holding its political appointees to the same ethical standards as the rest of the civil service workforce. Good factual statement. None of the folks who get investigated and resign face any true punishment. Now there is another 20% of federal managers who are not political appointees who cheat on time cards, write each other up for large bonuses, cheat the rank and file employees on performance appraisals, take supposed business trips when actually they are out on the golf course on the tax payers dime, cheat and lie on a daily basis and have others sign their time and attendance sheets. Then there are the honest folks who do their functions/jobs well and they get no recognition for dedication other than pay freezes and lame excuses why promotions are not available until one of the managements relatives needs a job or has a friend looking to get in the system without competitive hiring process. DRAIN ALL THE SWAMP NOW and tax payers and the hard working employees would be elated.

Mon, Apr 23, 2018

Look at Price, Zenke, Pruitt, Mnuchin, the former VA administrator, the epitome of swamp dwelling pond scum. Also Mulvaney is in that list of great candidates also. Do what they want without regards to the laws other federal employees go by. Time for a major change top to bottom,

Fri, Apr 20, 2018

This is ridiculous and it's insane that you attempt to make a point by surveying only 138 federal employees out of the vast numbers around the country. This study is so flawed and not work the headline.

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