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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey coming soon

The Office of Personnel Management is asking agency leaders to encourage participation in the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, which will be administered early this spring.

“Employees are more likely to share their opinions when they hear from leaders that their feedback is valued and used,” a memo to agency leaders states, adding, “To ensure the best data possible for decision makers requires that we collectively support the FEVS.”

Previous survey findings concluded that only four out of 10 federal employees believe that the results of FEVS will actually be used to make impactful changes at their organizations.

“It is clear more needs to be done to demonstrate to employees that their feedback is taken seriously and utilized for agency improvements,” according to the memo.

First administered in 2002, FEVS measures employees' perceptions of the conditions of the federal workforce, and is used as a tool for employees to share their opinions on their work experiences, their agency as a whole and its leadership.

This year, some employees will be asked to participate in a pilot of an improved version of the survey.

The surveys will be administrated in two waves, beginning the first week of May. Each agency’s survey will be open for six weeks, with the last surveys closing in late June.

The rollout of the results will begin in August.

Reader comments

Mon, Jun 11, 2018

So I work for one government agency and my husband another. Both of us have received emails at work telling us to complete the survey yet there is no link to the survey not can one be found anywhere online!My email lists a person in HR to contact with ?'s and I have left 3 messages with email contact but never gotten a reply. My email indicates 34% participation....wonder how that number is achieved when no one can find a link to do it?

Wed, Apr 25, 2018

I've done this survey as a front line manager the last 5 years and have only received results a couple of times to review with my employee's. I have not received results from my manager to review regarding his results since he's been my manager the last 2 years. probably because I didn't give him a favorable rating and there's only 3 front line managers. it makes it awkward to talk about. with limited people taking the survey, your manager will know who dinged them. Even my folks don't say much about the Survey for fear of reticule. I did the Survey when I wasn't a manager and said nothing unless it was so general an issue, no one was called out. My opinion, the survey accomplishes nothing. Items get documented but as they roll up to the execs, most issues seem to fade away to nothing. I will take the Survey and see it anything happens, but if it doesn't, I will stop taking it. we have limited resources to do work and with this being optional, why would anyone take the time to do it.

Wed, Apr 18, 2018

Long-term federal employees have been through the Gore re-invention which did little other than to add more layers to the management minions and gave less flexibility to the rank and file employees to make decisions that would better suit the mission of their agencies. Other presidential mandates tried pay banding and that flopped. First the democrats and republicans should stop bashing the federal employees and start to make the work place better by allowing rank and file employees to make decisions based on their experience and skill sets with no management minion intervention. Reduce the amount of management and retain employees by fair evaluations and better compensation for productive individuals. Get rid of the pond scum bottom dwelling political appointees who have gutted their agencies. Look at the individuals who run EPA, Interior, Treasury and others that have left since they felt they could live above the federal laws set. Also it is time for new members of congress and senate since the incumbents do little for their bloated salaries and perks. wake up and vote in November.

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Happy happy feel good, OPM will skew the results and management will get higher bonuses for doing nothing except making sure they can bilk the system at its best.

Thu, Apr 12, 2018

Oh boy great, wonderful, fantastic another collection of skewed worthless statistics that makes one of the cronies at OPM look great (even though the work is outsourced).

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