EEOC rules that USPS discriminated against injured workers

The U.S. Postal Service used a program designed to help employees return to work after an injury to instead rid the agency of those who required special work accommodations, Government Executive reports.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in favor of a former postal employee’s class action lawsuit alleging that USPS subjected employees to a “pattern and practice” of discrimination under its National Reassessment Program by removing employees under the program claiming that their post-disability assignments were too extraneous or that no special work assignments were available to meet their needs, according to the report.

EEOC found that under the program — in place between 2006 and 2011— 15,000 employees were given new assignments and 10,000 were notified that there was no new assignment available for them, and more than 100,000 employees either recovered and returned to their pre-injury positions or left the agency while the program was in place, the report notes, adding that USPS will have to make a payout to as many as 130,000 current and former employees as part of a class-action lawsuit.

Reader comments

Thu, Apr 19, 2018

Definitely not a new problem, but the congress and senate should grpw a spine and investigate this and ask the non-management employees about such discrimination cases. Then guilty management should be terminated with cause, fined and even thrown into the can. This is the first layer of blatant corruption through the federal service an it all is caused by sleezy management.

Mon, Apr 16, 2018

Congress and senate should investigate this thoroughly and then name the managers publically and have them removed from federal service and loose all pension and medical benefits. However this wont happen because they are all responsible for this adverse series of personnel actions.

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

This problem has been festering for years and both the democrats and republican congress and senate members have done nothing to reverse this immoral trend. Why donot they ask regular employees about such situations. since sick leave records are on file, the congressional folks could ask such employees what may have happended to them. It does not take a resources to find out that the management is responsible for such blatant law breaking activities and those responsible should pay with a demotion out of management or dismissal. Never will happen with the worms in place!

Thu, Apr 12, 2018

It happens everywhere in government, when a person gets sick and is out on medical leave they come back to an adverse working situation, responsibilities are taken (removed) with out formal notice (and not for ineffectual work performance). It was said " I cannot give you a favorable review since you were on sick leave". Managers with this mentality should be routed out of their positions and face legal consequences! Sick leave is there for a purpose and it is intended that it is used during medical emergencies that show up in individual career and life.

Tue, Apr 10, 2018

Did anyone think this was new problem?

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