Report: Proposed 2019 budget could slow tenure-based raises

Senior officials from the Office of Management and Budget said the White House wants to change how feds are paid and will release proposed changes on Feb. 12, the Associated Press reports.

According to the report, as part of the 2019 budget plan, the new administration wants to put more emphasis on performance-based raises instead of the current system that generally increases pay based on tenure.

The anonymous senior officials said the soon to be released budget proposal would slow tenure-based increases, generating $10 billion over 10 years for performance-based payments, and that the administration believes that most of the clerical work performed by employees can be automated, and there is a greater need for information technology workers and cyber security experts, the report notes.

Reader comments

Tue, Apr 17, 2018 kay

Goal of NSPS was to reduce pensions by moving funds to awards that did not contribute to the base salary. Performance had nothing to do with it.

Mon, Apr 16, 2018

Won’t work as system rigged to limit number of excelling performers and bonuses go to supervisor favorites rather than best and hardest working employees

Mon, Apr 16, 2018 Daniel

I wonder how a machine is going to take a love ones to a committal service to honor the Veteran who has passed on. Always blaming the working government employees its a joke, I say cut all the fat from the top and work your way down. My job as a Cemetery Representative making less the 50,000 and helping families who are grieving day in day out should get arise not told I get paid to much and that there are going to replace me with automation. I wish we could replace all the congressmen and congresswomen with people that want to work with each other instead of stone walling each side and not helping the American People same thing with the Senate!

Tue, Feb 13, 2018

If you only have one representative from congress and senate from a state, just think about how fast appropriation bills would be passed; there would be a great savings fiscally to the tax payers. How about performance payments to the congress and senate and on their past record of no accomplishments there would be quite a bit of savings that could be used elsewhere!

Mon, Feb 12, 2018 Dennis

DOD tried this with NSPS. It died with sequestration when we were not allowed bonuses and Obama harms us at 0% annual raises. Biggest problem I saw was the best raises when to individuals at the headquarters who were the only people allowed the highest rating on performance. It was about fighting performance ratings where management put the valued performer at a rating of 3 (1-5 rating scale where 5 is top). The result was an annual raise below the annual raises other Feds received for what was deemed valued employees. It’s been tried and doesn’t do a thing to increase performance.

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