OPM releases back pay guidance

The Office of Personnel Management has released guidance to federal agencies on how to administer back pay to federal employees.

The funding bill that ended the three-day government shutdown included a provision that provided retroactive pay to federal employees, but in addition, the OPM now says that employees who were furloughed are also entitled to a number of pay add-ons as if they had actually continued to work.

“A furloughed employee who, during the lapse in appropriations, had been regularly scheduled to perform overtime work or to perform work at night or during a period for which any other form of premium pay would otherwise be payable is entitled to receive overtime pay, night pay, or other premium pay as if the work had been performed,” it states.

The goal is “to make furloughed federal employees whole,” according to OPM.

The guidance did not address when the payments had to be made.

Read the full guidance here.

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