Bill would cut back top federal salaries

A South Carolina lawmaker has introduced a bill in the House that would trim salaries of top-earning federal employees.

The legislation, the Promoting Accountability In Decisions (PAID) for Progress Act (H.R. 1137), sponsored by Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.), "would reduce salaries by 8.7 percent for bureaucrats making more than $100,000 until the economy recovers to pre-recession levels," according to a release of the member's office.

“When the economy tanked, middle-class families and mid-level American workers were hit the hardest,” Rice said. “Government regulations have restricted recovery, causing every day expenses like gas, groceries, and electricity to eat up families’ budgets. Meanwhile, the federal bureaucrats making these decisions and imposing regulations are taking home six-figure salaries.”

“The PAID for Progress Act would cut regulators’ salaries until the economy recovers, giving them an incentive to get government out of the way so the free market system can work,” Rice said. “When take-home pay for everyday Americans returns to pre-2007 levels, so will federal government salaries.”

While the bill also would trim the salaries of federal elected officials, including members of Congress, it would exempt those of active duty military officials.

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Wed, Jun 10, 2015

I and my fellow Federal Employees are not the few "bureaucrats who voted to make decisions and impose regulations" on the middle class or anyone else. We too are considered "middle class" and we work hard & often tirelessly for our country and the American Public while trying to achieve a small piece of our "American Success". We are constantly attacked by our own House & Senate Representatives who deny or belittle our contributions and our value to our country. They want to strip us of benefits and pay at every opportunity and try to put the burden solely on us! When are they going to take responsibility and find a real and vaild solution instead of trying to 'steal' from others they 'preceive' that don't deserve or should have it? I Expect better from MY Lawmakers!

Mon, Mar 16, 2015

I'm never going to understand why our Congressmen and women can do nothing about the economy but work extra hard to punish federal employees. If you want to see the problem in America, look in the mirror, not at the federal employee who is working hard everyday to contribute something to this world. You should be ashamed and hopefully looking for another job. I vote to cut your salary 100%

Mon, Mar 16, 2015

Well, according to this article the bill would trim salaries of federal elected officials, including Congress. I assume this would also include the executive and judiciary branches as well. To eliminate the lifetime benefits for members of Congress would also be a step (although a small one) in the right direction.

Mon, Mar 16, 2015

Ridiculous, inflation is near zero, the economy and employment have been steadily growing for that last 2 plus years, unemployment is at near technical "full employment" and federal employee pay was already frozen for three years. Congressional inaction not government regulation is the cause of economic stagnation.

Mon, Mar 16, 2015 BUCKY

How about a similar cut to congressional salaries??. I for one would like to see members of congress set the example.

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