SAVE Awards end

The SAVE Awards—established by the administration in 2009 to solicit federal employees' ideas on how to save tax dollars and make the government more efficient—have come to an end, according to a memo from the Office of Management and Budget.

OMB said that the SAVE Awards (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) idea-collection effort now will transition from a centralized, government-wide program to internal, agency-led initiatives to solicit ideas from frontline employees. The program changeover was detailed a July 18 memo laying out management agenda priorities for the president's fiscal 2016 budget.

"Over the coming year, OMB will help identify best practices among federal agencies and assist agencies as they work to strengthen existing programs and create new internal programs," OMB said in the memo to agency heads. "Through agency-based programs, we will continue to solicit ideas directly from frontline employees, building a culture of efficiency and effectiveness that can continue into future administrations."

According to the memo, federal employees submitted more than 90,000 ideas through the program over the past five years; more than 90 were incorporated into the president's budgets.

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