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By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of September 7, 2021

Feds get 2.7% pay hike

By Nathan Abse

In August, the White House announced that for 2022, there will be an average 2.7% pay increase for civilian federal employees, in line with its budget plan released earlier this year.

Afghanistan: "Do everything possible"

By FEND Staff

The State Department's leading employee organization, reacting to the imminent end of the U.S. military mission in Afghanistan, pressed the Biden administration to secure all Americans and to "do everything possible" to assist those wanting to exit that country, and also to "bring as many Afghans to safety as humanly possible."

Ida: Feds lead massive effort

By FEND Staff

Many federal agencies, led by FEMA, and DOD, hurried to coordinate and manage emergency response to Hurricane and later Tropical Storm Ida, which initially left over 1 million without power in Louisiana and the Gulf states and went on to cause increasing death and property damage as it crossed the Northeast.

Fed managers: You can incentivize employees!

By FEND Staff

A Partnership for Public Service (PPS) report offers insights on how federal managers can incentivize good work, via sometimes overlooked pathways. Included among them, it advises not to forget to check in with your H.R. department for ideas and possibilities ...

Expert: COVID, inflation and what NOT to do with your TSP

By Nathan Abse

The COVID pandemic and the tantalizing but uneven economic recovery so far this year have feds seeking advice about their retirement savings, including TSP. This week, Nathan Abse interviews Ann Ozuna—a retirement expert and advisor whose clientele is focused on federal employees. Ozuna's experience in the federal community included two decades as a fed herself, working as a retirement specialist with DOD and DOE.

Last promotion?

By Mike Causey

Columnist and veteran Washington-based federal government reporter Mike Causey considers some possible consequences of the COVID era, and the transformation of somewhere between 43%—sampled before the pandemic—and most federal employees now into long-term remote workers.

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